Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Starting yet another series on this blog, but it's something a bit different! These are just a few book recommendations I have picked up, recently and not so recently! I have a massive passion for reading and I am excited to write a bit more about the books which have inspired me and affected me. These will be a mixture of genres and titles as I love so many very different books!

Get Your S**t Together // Sarah Knight

This was the first self-improvement(ish) book I fully got into and it started my obsession with this whole genre of books! In the coming posts, you will probably see a number of self-improvement books but this is the one that started my addiction! It is witty, hilarious and completely blunt and managed to really motivate me in my first year of university! Sarah Knight is brilliant and I cannot wait to read her other books because I know I will love them if they are anything like Get Your S**t Together!

Kitchen // Banana Yoshimoto

Kitchen is such a beautiful little book! It is made up of two stories, both about young women coping with loss and grief. It is easy to read and the narration has a beautiful simplicity to it. It takes the mundane and makes it magical. The way that the kitchen is seen as the life and soul of a home is so simple a concept, and yet Yoshimoto makes it feel extraordinarily beautiful!

The Secret History // Donna Tartt

You can tell how much I love this book by how battered my copy is from carrying it around with me so much! I have mentioned this novel when asked about my favourite book countless times, ever since I first read it a few years ago! It is a hefty but rewarding read about a group of eccentric classics students. It is hard to sum up this book without giving much away, but it features themes of murder and mystery and is entirely captivating! Such an incredible novel which is so skillfully written!

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair // Pablo Neruda

I love a good book of poetry and this one is just stunning! Pablo Neruda has an incredible way with words and you can really feel his poems. This is a super slim book so it is easy to carry around with you and to pull out whenever you fancy reading something or want some inspiration and something to think about.

This was a short and sweet post with just a few of my recommendations! Let me know if you have any recommendations as I am always looking for something new to read!! Thank you for reading, hope you have a lovely day! xo

Monday, 15 January 2018


My exams are about to start (when this gets published it will be the day of my first exam). Because of my busy study schedule and lack of time to keep updating a PYT post as usual, I will be posting about the highlights of my weeks for the next few weeks instead of a full diary post! I still wanted to get the usual scheduled PYT posts up so this is what I have come up with! I know these posts are some of the most enjoyed posts on my blog!

  • Fairly unfocused today! Would rather write than study so I figured I would spend some time scheduling posts for the next few weeks so I will have more time to revise when exams are closer
  • One week until my first exam!
  • Took some beautiful blog pics for tomorrow's extra post! Very excited to publish them!
  • Boyfriend is coming over to watch Friends and eat takeaway with me because i've been very stressed about exams

  • Study day at the psych building cafe! Will walked with me to uni because we started at the same time for a change (I went in early just so I didn't have to walk alone)! 
  • Got lots of work done and had a laugh with some friends
  • Extra post went up on the blog! The Body Shop perfume oil review! Super proud of the improvement in my blog photography lately! The pics look great!
  • Date night! We had dinner at Slug + Lettuce in Albert Square, drinks at Printworks, and then saw The Greatest Showman (which was absolutely amazing)!!

  • Study day in the psychology building cafe with a couple of friends again!
  • I have been listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack all day! It is incredible and is all I want to listen to for the next year! 
  • Spent the evening doing a bit of studying in my friend's room! We had such a laugh, she's so hilarious and lovely!

  • Had to take a sick day because I am feeling like utter garbage! While this may suck, it gives me an excuse to stay at home all day and take care of myself! 
  • Rose-ified my skincare for the day by using the Garnier Skin Active + Rose Water cleansing milk, toner and moisturiser, along with my new Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray! I also took some blog pics with the lovely products for my self-care 101 post on Sunday!
  • My angel (good friend) came home (to our uni house) from Norway after being home for ages and it was super lovely to see her after so long!!
  • Got some studying done despite being really ill!
  • My friend came upstairs and we studied together for a while before bed.

  • Left the house at 9, a fairly decent time
  • Had a wonderful coffee at Cafe Nero with a friend before heading over to Anchor Coffee House for a bagel breakfast!
  • Another bagel for lunch and a productive time at the cafe, studying for my evolutionary psychology exam
  • Bought a new Do book from Anchor Coffee House (again), read a couple of chapters and already captivated!
  • Chloe joined the study session which was wonderful! She is always a treat to hang out with!

  • Got up, took my meds and supplements and got straight down to work!
  • Had a lovely long shower
  • Understood an important court case in my history of forensic science module and was able to outline the whole thing on the phone with my mum without looking at my notes!
  • Printed some notes and studied on the bus to work, and in the work cafeteria before my shift!
  • Studied for a while when I got home from work, and then worked on another mental health post before bed!

  • Another Self Care 101 post went up today and I am super proud of it! It's all about self care in the exam season and you can go read it HERE if you think you would benefit from it!
  • Work was quiet so I got to relax a little bit
  • Terrified for tomorrow's exam but powering through with revision
  • Picked up some black heeled boots from Primark sales for £3 which is insane!!
  • My friend ordered a garlic bread from Dominos for me
  • Studied into the night, hoping that tomorrow goes well!

Thank you for reading! What do you think of this temporary format for the Pull Yourself Together posts? Should it become a permanent change or should I definitely switch back to the usual format after exams? xo

Sunday, 14 January 2018

When I was thinking about my self-care 101 series, my first thought was 'how can I approach this as a student?' because if there's one thing I know about the students around me, it's that they tend to neglect their self-care in favour of long nights, late mornings, and convenient foods. I know, I'm just as guilty for these as the next person. Yes, I'm a bit of a hypocrite! However, recently I've pulled myself together somewhat so I'm going to share what I can and what has helped me!

Self-care for the body

Self-care for the body is probably the easiest to implement because you can start small and build little self-care habits into a self-care routine. When working on exams, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself but there are a few habits you can implement to get back on track!

Eating habits can be completely transformed by stress and busy study schedules. This is different for everybody! I personally stress eat loads during exam season and my weight, which already fluctuates regularly, can actually change dramatically. However, I have friends on the opposite side of this spectrum who regularly forget to eat when they are stressed! By checking in with your eating habits and trying to keep track of these stress-related changes, you can benefit your body! When I stress eat loads, I feel full and sleepy and unable to focus. When I reign it in, I feel way better about myself, less groggy, and more ready to tackle my revision. If you have underlying issues with your eating which may be triggered or worsened by exam stress, make sure you ask someone who you trust to check in with you and help you to keep on track!

Skincare is a super easy way to implement a bit of self-care. This can be as expensive or cheap as you fancy! Some of my favourite products are super cheap and cheerful! You could focus on a facial skin care routine and make time for that every day, which takes you away from your work and makes you focus just on yourself. Or, you could rub some lotion on your legs and arms every once in a while to nourish your skin and surround yourself with wonderful scents. On the go, you could carry around a nice smelling hand cream and use it every once in a while as a small gesture of self-care. The list is endless!

Now, I know this one isn't for everyone (not even for me) but exercise can be a good way to release a bit of stress and make a little time for yourself. This doesn't have to be intensive exercise! You could just walk about for while or do a bit of yoga (my fave). The point is, you're taking time away from your desk, moving about a bit and not just remaining seated in the same place! I like to get out of the house and go for a quick walk with a friend, but there are many ways of exercising such as swimming, going to the gym, going for a run, etc. and different people enjoy different forms of exercise so it's up to you, really.

Treat yo self! End of a hard day? Maybe take a bath, watch some Netflix and recharge your mental batteries for a while! Maybe throw in a bath bomb or some nice bubble bath. Maybe just have a shower if that's what you prefer. Face masks are great for your skin and a good little treat, or maybe a hair mask! Maybe set aside an afternoon or evening to pamper your body after all the stress and work as a reward!

Self-care for the mind

Take a step back
Allow yourself to rest. If you are cramming information into your head 24/7 you will wear yourself out and may even end up worse for it when it comes to your actual exams! By taking regular breaks and limiting the amount of time you have to study, you allow your mind to rest and actually process the information you just took in!

Focus on something else
If you have a hobby, make time for it. If you play an instrument, spend some time playing it. If you enjoy writing, do some brainstorming and put pen to paper for something other than studying. It will benefit your mindset greatly and stop you from feeling like revision is all that matters! If you don't have a specific hobby, do some reading or watch a film. It's about balance, don't just drop everything for studying! Do what you enjoy too!

Rest and sleep
I cannot emphasise how important rest and sleep is enough! All-nighters are not a good idea at all when revising, don't do it! Not only will lack of sleep leave you feeling fatigued and sluggish when revising and studying, sleep is also involved in memory and the processing what you have learned. When choosing between staying up super late and going to sleep, choose the latter option! Trust me!

Self-care for the soul

I know this isn't for everyone, but mindfulness is an extremely powerful tool to combat stress! You can get apps such as Headspace, Calm or Oak for free and set aside a bit of your day to put in some mindfulness practice. If it works for you, you could end up feeling calmer, less anxious, rested and more ready to continue with your studying. Mindfulness is also supposed to benefit focus too, which can serve you well in exam season!

Digital breaks
A lot of the time, your revision may involve typing up notes, looking at lecture slides and using study sites. This is great and can really aid in learning but it's important to take a step back from the screen and give your eyes and mind a rest! Maybe instead of hopping onto social media or browsing in your breaks, find something to do offscreen and offline! Maybe read, rest your eyes, take a walk or cook something nice!

Cosy and calm
When studying, it's important to be in an environment where you are comfortable. You can take it a step further and get super cosy! Particularly for winter exams! Maybe wrap yourself in a soft blanket, sip a hot drink and wear some fluffy socks while revising. Maybe sit near a radiator or fire, throw on a big sweater and eat something a bit indulgent. You can treat yourself whilst also getting work done! Calm is also important. You don't want to revise in a stressful environment. Calm music, a quiet atmosphere and some nice solitude can really help you to knuckle down and put the work in. However, if you are a little more extroverted and feel less worked-up when you have a bit of company, it may help you to get a study buddy or sit somewhere pleasantly bustling!

If exam stress gets too much

  • Chat to an academic advisor/tutor
  • Check out the counselling services provided by your school/college/uni
  • Talk to the other people on your course. The chances are that they feel similarly to you and you can support each other
  • Check out more tips over on Student Minds

Good luck to everyone studying for exams! I hope that you found this post helpful! Thank you so much for reading!

Friday, 12 January 2018

I've never been one for spending a lot in the sales, however this year I got paid just before Christmas and i've got a bit of extra money from overtime. I didn't go mad but I got some really lovely items which I have been lusting after for quite some time. I've worked hard this year and I decided, what the hell, I deserve a treat!

The Debenhams Sale

I was so tempted to go absolutely wild on the Debenhams sale but I managed to contain myself and only pick up a couple of items which I know I will use lots and cherish!

First, I immediately put the Naked 3 palette into my online shopping basket. I have owned a dupe of this palette and I used it to DEATH so I knew that I would get this palette eventually, I was just waiting for it to go on offer. That day is finally here and I bought this palette for £27.65. Still expensive but this is an investment I am willing to make at this point, after wanting this palette for so long! It is so beautiful!

I also decided to invest in the perfect red lipstick! I have never been brave enough to wear red lipstick but I decided that this year, I'm pushing myself and I might try to pluck up the confidence to wear a red lip! I picked up the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in the shade Chula for £10! I fell in love with it when I saw it online and figured it would be the perfect red lipstick for me! I fell in love even more when I put it on, it compliments my skin so well and looks better on me than any other red lipstick i've tried! In fact, I wore it on an afternoon out with my family and I felt FANTASTIC!


I have wanted the Leon Fast Vegetarian cookbook for SO LONG! I went vegetarian 2 years ago (almost exactly) and I've since been eyeing up this cookbook but figured £25 is too much money! However, it was just £10 on Boxing Day and I bought it within seconds of seeing it, and then did a happy dance and maybe shed a happy tear. I was pretty much sat in front of the door all morning the next day waiting for my Amazon package. It did not disappoint! One of my new year's resolutions is to home-cook more meals and I've already started bookmarking all the meals I want to try from this book! I am so excited!


I stocked up on lip balms from ASDA, as I always do in the sales. I was there doing my shopping and I just quickly picked up the Nivea Luscious Lips tin for £2, which includes the Original Care lip balm, Caring Red lip butter, Pearly Shine lip balm, and the Blueberry Blush lip butter.


Finally, I was in town the other day and picked up the All Four You fragrance set by Zoella Beauty. I've always been curious about these body mists and i've wanted to try them out for ages so when I saw this set on offer I immediately took it to the tills. I paid £6.99 and you get four little mini fragrances. I am in love with the Bake My Day fragrance, it smells exactly like gingerbread and it's so comforting and lovely.

Did you manage to pick up any good bargains in the sales? 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

I didn't know when I would be ready to start writing about my mental health on my blog, but I figured that right now would be a good start as I am in a pretty good place at the moment.

I have depression (and some anxiety). I have felt this way for as long as I can remember but it was always mild enough to keep in the back of my head and pretend it wasn't there. However, halfway through my first year of university, it intensified so I attended my first counselling session. I attended a therapy group once a week for several weeks and then attended one-to-one counselling every few weeks until the end of the first year. Since the start of the second year, I have started to attend one-to-one counselling again, as well as therapy groups and the GP. I also made the massive leap of starting medication for my mental health. My dose has since doubled and I feel like i'm finally getting on top of my depression.

Frustration has been a massive factor in my pushing for recovery. It has been a very strong feeling throughout this semester just passed and I wanted to talk it through on here. I have felt a lot of frustration with myself and my mental health. Frustration that my depression has had an effect on my education and that it has stopped me from pursuing opportunities or even just getting out of bed to go to lectures on an almost daily basis. I get frustrated at how I feel very often. When I am in a low mood and it seems impossible to get out of it can be extremely frustrating, especially when I am around others or doing something that I usually derive a lot of joy from.

I feel like the most frustrating thing about depression is the fact that it's 'all in your head'. It's hard to explain but the fact that it's so hard to control when it's a mental health issue feels so frustrating and infuriating. It seeps into your mood, makes you feel like you're not yourself. When I was at my worst I was so irritable and I tried to cut myself off from those closest to me to stop them from thinking I am not a nice person to be around. This obviously has social consequences and made me endlessly guilty. When it has impacted my work and studies I have felt frustrated at myself, often believing I was 'lazy', 'useless' and even 'worthless'.

While this situation is frustrating at the best of times, I have found that openness has helped me massively. I told my friends why I was taking a step back from them and how I would come back once I was in a better place, rather than cutting them off and not telling them why because I was ashamed. I told my parents that I am struggling and what I am doing to help myself with it. I attend counselling and my GP regularly and talking it through with them helps massively. My academic advisor from last year has also been a massive help and is one of the most understanding and lovely people ever!

My mental health is still very much a work in progress. I have some good days and some awful days. The best piece of advice I have been given is that recovery is not a straightforward journey. It has ups and downs. It could be going really well and then a setback pushes you back to the start. I am starting to accept this and to accept that I may feel bad again, but I can push through it as long as I keep trying.

If you are affected by the issues highlighted in this post, please feel free to get in contact with Samaritans. They have a UK hotline (116 123) which is run 24/7. They also have an email address if you have a problem with calling them or find this difficult.

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Week 6 of these posts already!! I can't believe it!!


6:30 // Already up for work! After spending New Year's at home, I'm catching a lift from Wales to Manchester for a 9:30 shift! I am so thankful to my dad for offering to drive me all the way to and from Wales so that I could welcome 2018 with my family! Speaking of welcoming 2018, happy new year!! I can't believe 2017 is already over!

9:00 // I have just sat down in the locker room at work, ready for 8 hours on my feet! Apparently, we're expecting work to be super quiet today as people spend New Year's Day at home with their families, so unless I find lots of jobs to do, the shift will pass so slowly!

14:15 // Lunchtime! I am on lunch with my supervisor (and close friend) so we're both heading out for food together! I'm grabbing a Starbucks because I need the caffeine! I am so lucky that I get a full lunch hour so I can get some fresh air and coffee! In my last job, I wouldn't leave the building until the end of my shift!

19:00 // I am finally home! I finished at 17:30 but had to walk all the way home because my bus wasn't running! So after the hour-long walk home, I am absolutely exhausted! While I was on my way home, a man started driving slowly past me and I looked up and accidentally made eye contact with him. He stopped his car on the pavement and honked his horn behind me but I kept walking. He proceeded to turn his car around on somebody's driveway and drive up to me again, this time alongside me. He rolled down his window and called out to me from his car. He was pretty much following me and I was freaked out and pretty much legged it home! He didn't follow me onto the side-streets but I am still a bit anxious! My friend is coming over to stay in a while to chill out and chat anyway so I won't be home alone all night. That was pretty freaky though!


7:00 // Good morning! Ready to have a productive day! My friend who stayed over is still asleep so while they're asleep I'm going to catch up on my emails in bed and wait for them to wake up!

10:00 // They finally woke up! We're both planning to hang out again a bit later and study but they've gone home to get their laptop and study materials while I put some makeup on and tidy up a bit! I'm planning on splitting my day between blogging and study as I am trying to schedule posts for exam season. I would like to stick to my schedule even through exam season so I am getting prepared!

12:00 // A couple of friends and I are just studying in my room. I'm not the most productive but I'm definitely getting some revision done! We were planning to go food shopping but it's looking unlikely as the weather is utterly awful! I guess we'll just wait and see!

16:00 // After a bit more work and a lot of chatting, I am doing some blog prep and also trying out StumbleUpon as a blog-promoting tool. It's working crazy well and my stats are kind of unbelievable at the moment! I think I might purchase a domain this evening and change my blog URL to instead of It's something I've been thinking of doing for a long while!

18:00 // I did it! My domain has been changed and I am so excited! My friends and I are digging through the freezer and pulling out all the food we need to use up before our new year eating habits are properly put into place! That means a massive party-food dinner and I am super excited! We have all kind of given up on productivity and we're probably just going to chill out and chat for the rest of the night before bed!


11:00 // Boy, did I oversleep! I am slightly ashamed that I slept through my alarm but I guess I really needed those extra hours of sleep! Pushing the guilt aside, I am going to take some blog photos before having a shower, getting some study done, and scheduling another post!

13:00 // After a pretty late start to the day, I am finally making a start on my revision! I have chosen a light topic for today because I have a massive headache and am feeling very foggy! I'm going to do as much studying as I can, then switch to blogging, and then treat myself to a couple of episodes of Friends! the post that went up on the blog this morning (which you can check out HERE) is doing really well and I'm really pleased with the responses I'm getting from it!

16:00 // I finished my little study session and managed to take photos for and polish a couple blog posts. I am so bad at nearly finishing posts and then not getting round to scheduling them but I now have 5 scheduled for the coming weeks, not including my Pull Yourself Together posts! I am going to make some rice, throw my second load of laundry into the washing machine, and watch a couple of episodes of Friends before The Blogger Crowd twitter chat this evening!

21:00 // The twitter chat was lovely and I managed to find a few new people to follow and chat to which is great! The topic was resolutions and it gave me a great chance to reflect on my resolutions, past and present. I was even reminded that it's been 2 years since I went veggie and the fact that I have been able to keep that up makes me a little bit proud of myself! Also, I realised that this is the first year I have not made weight loss one of my biggest goals and the fact that I am learning self-acceptance brings me endless joy! Time to cosy up and catch up on some YouTube videos before bed! Wishing today was more productive, but there's always tomorrow!


9:00 // Up and getting ready to go meet Chloe in town for a cute lil blogging day! She's always a treat to hang out with and hopefully, we'll be fairly productive!

12:00 // Chloe has taken me to Foundation Coffee House for our first stop of the day, which is wonderful! This is such a great place to get some work done and the coffee is so so good! I am always looking for more coffee places in Manchester where I can get productive and this is definitely a new favourite!

14:30 // I have now taken Chloe to MY favourite coffee house, Anchor Coffee House in Rusholme! She is in love with this place (same) and we can't get enough of the bagel magic they work here! Honestly, the best bagels EVER! This afternoon I've been writing a guest blog for Just Moved To about productive places and it's super fun to write and visit all my favourite places to take the pics and drink good coffee! What a lovely day! We also popped to Superdrug to pick up a few bits and pieces and I ended up picking up a new lip exfoliator and a palette. Can't wait to play with these!

17:00 // I am home finally! Time to try to get a bit of uni work done before dinner and Friends bingeing! I was super productive blogwise today and it was such a great afternoon!!


9:00 // Having a full day at home today! Hoping to get some Evolutionary Psychology revision done so I may not update this post much! I am planning to use the Forest app (post on productivity apps coming soon, maybe) to track how much I get done so that I keep today fairly social media free!

14:00 // So I have been struggling with motivation a bit but i'm managing to push through it now and to get some studying done which is a relief!

17:00 // Told myself I wasn't going to do this, but i'm ordering burritos for my friend and I! We're struggling to concentrate and don't have any food in the house so i'm going to cave on the 'no takeaway' rule and get Barburrito. Why am I like this??

19:00 // Okay so the burritos were worth it and we got more work done on a full stomach! I intend to study until i'm too tired to keep my eyes open! Sorry for a not-so-interesting day! Not really much to report! I'm looking forward to getting through this weekend because my boyfriend gets back from a long trip on Sunday!


9:00 // Having a treat yo' self day before work today! I don't start until 16:30 so i'm going to go into town early to take pictures for a post i'm putting together for Just Moved To and also doing a bit of shopping! I'll update this post throughout the day because it's a lil more interesting than yesterday! Looking forward to the boyfriend getting back tomorrow too! Aside from work, this weekend is looking wonderful!

13:00 // So i'm in town and I've already spent some money! I got a new mug and the Mario Badescu facial spray (finally) from Urban Outfitters and I also ran into WHSmith for the latest issue of Womankind Magazine. I am currently sat in Costa with a mushroom and cheese toastie, a cappuccino and my new mag! Having a wonderful and solitary day! My favourite! After this, I am going to The Body Shop and probably a few more shops before sitting in Waterstones Deansgate to do some brainstorming.

15:00 // So I spent more than I intended to today but treat yo' self! I had a bit of money left over from Christmas so it's okay! I went to Scribbler, The Body Shop, Oliver Bonas and Paperchase! I'm now in Deansgate Waterstones in an armchair. I have taken all my blog photos so i'm just brainstorming for post ideas! I'm focussing on Self Care 101 posts and mental health posts and I have so many ideas! It's time to head over to work now (ew) and then rush home after work to tidy my horrendous room! I am ashamed of how messy it is!

23:00 // I'd be lying if I said my room is completely tidied! However, I have (mostly) tidied it up and sorted my trash to go out tomorrow (so much trash). I am knackered and I am going to bed immediately! It has been such a long and great day!


8:00 // I am already on the bus to town. Starting work at 9 because i'm stupid and told my manager that I would come in early! I am absolutely exhausted after tossing and turning for most of the night unable to sleep. However, today is going to be wonderful! I am going into work (not so wonderful) and then grabbing a few bits and pieces from Primark and heading home to see my guy, who is travelling back to Manchester today. I am so excited, it's pretty pathetic.

8:55 // Grabbed a Starbucks and now i'm ready to go down to the shop floor. We're moving my entire department today and I am TOO TIRED for this.

14:30 // On my way out of work and heading back into the store to buy a few things before going home. I 'need' a new storage basket and some nails. Then, i'm heading back home to try to get some work done before Will gets back in the evening.

22:00 // Good evening! Will is over and i'm so so happy to see him again! I missed him so much! He's never watched Friends so we're going to spend the evening watching that and eating pizza! Perfect night in!

Before work one Saturday morning, I popped into The Body Shop in the centre of Manchester to scope out the remainder of their sales! I stumbled upon this little £5 gem and my curiosity got the better of me! I had to try it! It's the Red Musk Perfume Oil! I immediately wanted to know what perfume oil is and how it could be any better than regular perfume. Apparently, perfume oil is a longer-lasting and more concentrated perfume. Also, I have to rave about the fact that the Body Shop use manmade cruelty-free musk in their fragrances!

On the Body Shop website, the scent is described as "an intense drop of spiced musk with hot notes of cinnamon and tobacco". This is definitely accurate, it is a gorgeous deep musky scent which feels very sophisticated and grown up. It is not a traditionally feminine scent, but it doesn't quite come across as masculine at the same time. The bottle is a small red glass bottle with a screw-on lid. Within the lid is a small glass rod which picks up the oil for easy and mess-free application. It is a wonderful-looking little bottle and I also love the little red box that it comes in!

In terms of lasting power, this stuff really does stay on all day! I dab a few drops on my pulse points and neck (a little goes a long way) and I can still smell it hours later! I am obsessed with this stuff and considering buying more while it's still available and in the sales! Even thinking about buying the big eau de toilette just because the scent is so so good! 

Have you tried this scent? Do you know of any similar perfumes as I am beginning to think that this is how I want to smell all the time for the rest of my days? Thank you so much for reading! xo

Friday, 5 January 2018

Self-care is super important! That is why I will be making quite a few posts on the subject. I am still learning how to take proper care of myself, physically and mentally, but I have grown a lot in the past year and I would like to share what I have learned!

Setting up a safe space is vital to your wellbeing. It is somewhere you can go to get away from the stressful world and take some time to yourself. For me, this space is my room. I share a house with five other people so it's the only place I truly have to myself! However, your space doesn't have to be your room! It could be a kitchen, a certain spot in the library, a certain park, etc. For the sake of this post, I will be focussing on setting up a space within your own home, as this is where you can most likely control your surroundings!

Firstly, it is important to surround yourself with your interests. I do this with posters, by displaying my books and records, by pinning up sentimental objects, and by owning many plants! In terms of posters, I have a couple large posters (a Prince poster and an X Files poster) and a couple smaller film posters (The Shining and Star Wars). I understand that a lot of people prefer to keep their walls clearer and that is totally up to you! Whatever you feel comfortable with will work best for you! That's the trick to building your own space, you know what works best for you personally and can experiment freely.

I like to fill my safe space with music. It sets a mood for me and I tend to feel uncomfortable in silence. Most of the time, i'll pop a record on my turntable. However, I also listen to a lot of music on YouTube and Spotify! There are really good lo-fi playlists on YouTube and I love playing music that blurs into the background and doesn't distract my thoughts.

For me, my space has to smell nice. I cannot stand a room that smells bad or stale. I have reed diffusers dotted around my room. Just the cheap lavender ones from Primark. Walking into my room and being hit with its signature scent is so comforting to me. It reminds me that i'm stepping into a space which is mine alone.

Airing out your room is important! Super important! As soon as it's mild outside, open your window a crack and let some fresh air into your room. Your lungs will thank you! Either that or open the door to your room for a while. Let it circulate!

Soft furnishings and textiles are a massive bonus! Blankets, pillows and fresh sheets are a few of my favourite things! They make me feel relaxed and keep me warm in winter. Comfort is key in a safe space! It doesn't have to be anything too fancy though, my blankets are the cheapest ones from Primark and they do the job nicely!

Lighting, I find, is super important and can affect my moods and headspace dramatically! I prefer lamplight over my main room light so I keep my lamp beside my bed. When I want to relax, that's the only light I have on. When I am socialising or focussing, all my lights are on. I keep my blinds open 24/7 because I have a skylight window so nobody can look in but all the sunlight can stream in when I wake up. This means that I wake up immediately with the sunlight and don't stay in bed in the mornings as much as I used to! The sunlight is also super great when i'm studying and focussing, and also for blog pictures!

As I have mentioned, this space doesn't necessarily have to be in your home. This is a list of spaces where I feel the calmest and most comfortable:

  • The quiet study floor of my local museum
  • The psychology building cafe
  • The woodland walk behind my parents' house
  • On a quiet morning bus with my headphones on
  • My favourite bench in the local art gallery
  • Waterstones, or any bookshop anywhere
  • The corner seat in my favourite cafe
Let me know what makes your space comfortable and stress-free! I would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

I have become such a sucker for podcasts! I never used to listen to them but since I started listening to them back in October/November I have fallen in love with them! I never realised how many podcasts are really out there and since starting to listen to them, I have found a small collection of podcasts which I could listen to over and over again! I am so open to any podcast recommendations too as I would love to find more podcasts similar to these!


When i'm at home, I mostly listen to podcasts in my room while i'm browsing and just sat around not doing much. I listen to them while i'm around the house doing my housework, it's just a really good way to pass the time and fill the silence. Most of the time, I download an episode before I leave the house because I walk everywhere and I just put my headphones on and it makes my walks to the bus or uni go so much quicker!

I mostly listen to these podcasts on the iPhone podcasts app, but I know that there are other podcast apps, such as Acast which I'm trying out today, and you can listen to some of these on Spotify too! After I've listed my faves, I'll check back in with my first impressions of Acast!

The Heart of It // Estee Lalonde

The Heart of It was the podcast which introduced me to this newfound obsession! I love the use of effects and music in this podcast, the range of topics covered, and Estee's passion for what she is talking about! I need more episodes, honestly! She is such a good speaker and I have already listened to this series twice over!

You can find this podcast on iTunes HERE

In Good Company // Otegha Uwagba

Otegha is the author of Little Black Book and the founder of Women Who and I have mentioned her already on this blog when I reviewed the book! She is such a hardworking and inspirational woman and her podcast is so so good! It is a monthly podcast aimed at working women and it is full of inspiration, motivation and great advice for women trying to make it in the working world! It features great interviews with hard-working women and a q&a section with Otegha. I cannot wait for the next episode!

You can find this podcast on iTunes HERE

Crime & Dine

This podcast is very new and is incredibly interesting! The podcast is a true crime series with a fantastic twist because it focuses on crimes with links to food. I have really enjoyed the first episode and I am so looking forward to the next! It is so interesting and dark! I have a big interest in true crime and I would love to find more true crime podcasts!

You can find this podcast on iTunes HERE

The Butterfly Effect // Jon Ronson

This podcast drew my attention immediately because I am a big fan of Jon Ronson! It's about the porn industry and the effects of Pornhub and the availability of free porn. Such an interesting podcast about a topic I hadn't really considered!

You can find this podcast on iTunes HERE

Make It Work // Phoebe Lovatt

This podcast is full of career inspo for aspiring working women and is hosted by the author of The Working Woman's Handbook, my current read which I am enjoying loads! You can tell that i'm aiming to draw inspiration from successful working women at the moment. I'm just setting out into the world as an almost-adult and so I'm trying to bring as many inspirational women onto my radar as possible to push myself to do better. This podcast is full of interviews and advice and is a great source of inspiration!

You can find the podcast on iTunes HERE

First impressions of Acast

This app is free on the app store (Apple, Google and Microsoft) and also available online! It's super easy to navigate and i'm actually finding it easier to find new podcasts that peak my interest on this app than the iPhone podcasts app! Maybe i'll do another one of these podcasts posts after finding so many that I want to start listening to on Acast! I've found that with the podcasts app, I find it to irritating to navigate. Just the little things just irritate me when using the app, but all the little issues I have found using that app are not present in the Acast app!

Have you got any podcast recommendations? I would love to hear from you!

Monday, 1 January 2018


10:00 // It's Christmas day!! We have had a lovely morning so far, exchanging gifts and spending time together as a family! It was so wonderful to give all my gifts out to my close family and to see their reactions! Just getting ready now and my dad is off to fetch my grandparents from their hotel. Today, I'm just wearing a comfy Grinch sweater, black leggings, and some Grinch socks. Very coordinated!

15:00 // Christmas dinner time! My mum and I have been setting the table and preparing everything while dad has been cooking. My grandparents are over from the hotel and my other grandparents have just arrived and we're just spending some relaxed quality time together. Our gifts have been handed to the grandparents and everyone is super happy!

17:00 // Christmas dinner was insanely good! I am so full up and satisfied right now! We're just watching beauty and the beast and getting ready for a chilled and relaxed evening watching films and chatting. I may not update until I go up to my room for the night as I am making the most of this family time.

22:00 // What a lovely day! After a nice family afternoon, I am just sat in my room writing some blog posts! I am reviewing Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba, which I have just finished, and listening to her podcast. In fact, I'm having a bit of a podcast night. After another episode of this podcast, I'm planning on listening to an episode of Estee Lalonde's podcast and an episode of Jon Ronson's podcast. I'm finishing my TED talks post, scheduling last week's Pull Yourself Together post for tomorrow morning, and scheduling different posts for the next couple of weeks. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a blogging day and a day of lazily browsing Boxing Day sales!


10:00 // A late morning this morning as I have been online Boxing Day sales shopping from the comfort of my own bed! I have smashed the Debenhams sale and also picked up a much-coveted item from Amazon! Once I have finished my sales shopping (probably by the new year) I will put up a haul post of the goodies I have picked up! It's time to hop in the shower now so that I can get ready for the day!

16:00 // Having such a chilled blogging day! I have scheduled three posts so far today, I am on a roll! It's time to switch off the laptop for a while now to spend time with my family for the rest of the afternoon! We're going to have a buffet and watch Only Fools and Horses all afternoon!

19:00 // We have had a lovely afternoon watching comedy and eating lots. I have eaten way too much and I feel so so full! Listening to a podcast for a while just to have a break from socialising and then I will head back downstairs for the rest of the evening. I think I'm going to plan my day tomorrow because I need a good solid study day so that I don't fall behind in my exam prep!


9:30 // Later than usual to rise again! Staying with my parents ruins my attempts to be a morning person! I regress back to my teenage self, who struggled to get up by noon. Doing some blog designing this morning before heading out to help my mum with the food shop, watching a film with the family, and then having a study evening!

12:00 // I have completely redesigned my blog! I am so pleased with how it looks and pretty chuffed with myself for figuring it all out! I am way more satisfied with it now, I think it looks so much more put together and professional! I've just got out of the shower now, so I'm going to dry my hair and then head to the shops!

15:00 // Shopping done! Picked up a few bits and pieces for myself while I was there too because I cannot resist the sales! I will do a proper post about my sales finds so I won't spoil what I got! However, one item that I bought that wasn't on sale was the Happy Journal by Fearne Cotton! I am super excited to use it through 2018 as it has the most lovely little writing prompts! Time to curl up on the sofa, eat dinner, and watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 finally!

19:00 // The movie was so great! My family and I laughed so much throughout it! I'm back in my own room now getting ready to spend a few hours studying before getting back to my current read, The Working Woman's Handbook by Phoebe Lovatt. I'm getting motivated and ready for 2018!


10:00 // Having a writing morning, trying to get some posts written down to schedule for exam season. I started planning the new year in my new diary and I'm just so ready for this year to end! I want to start next year with a spring in my step, ready to tackle whatever 2018 throws at me!

14:00 // So today is being pretty uneventful! Just having a nice day at home with the family, ordering pizza later, and popping to Aldi to accompany mum. All in all, a pretty lazy day!

19:00 // Pizza was good but I am so so full! We're all just watching TV now and just spending an evening relaxing! I'm also on social media a lot talking to a lot of bloggers and readers and I am loving meeting you guys on Twitter and getting to know you! What a lovely bunch of people!


8:00 // Busy busy day today, but an exciting and lovely one! Firstly, I'm about to get ready and go to see one of my closest friends, who I haven't seen since the summer! I can't believe how long it has been and I can't wait to have a proper good catch up! Then, I'm going to the cinema with my family to see The Last Jedi FINALLY! After that, I'm picking up my bags from home and heading back to Manchester for work!

10:10 // About to leave the house and it's been snowing so I'm hoping I don't slip and fall on my way over the hill to town! All wrapped up and cosy and ready to brave the cold! Going for coffee and then a long walk, I will take pictures of the wonderful scenery!

13:00 // Coffee with my friend was wonderful and we went on a lovely long walk around the woods and hill near where I used to live. It was so nice to catch up and I wish I could go home and do it more often! Just going to finish my packing and rush to the cinema for the 2:10 showing of The Last Jedi!

17:00 // The Last Jedi was so good! Not as good as Rogue One, in my opinion, but pretty enthralling nonetheless! I'm on my way back to Manchester at the moment and feeling pretty blue about it. I wish I had more time to see some friends from home! However, going all the way back for the night on Sunday after work, to bring in the new year, and then back to Manchester early on Monday morning for work!

21:00 // Being back is pretty grim when all the housemates are out! My room is so cold that I am wearing gloves indoors but I'm just catching up with some podcasts, writing up a couple posts, and trying to get my room tidy after the packing mayhem before Christmas! When my friend gets home from work we're ordering pizza and hanging out for a while but I'm hoping for a pretty early night!

1:00 // It wasn't an early night, but it was a good night just catching up with my friend and eating doughballs. Good night!


8:00 // I don't want to get up this morning but I should try to be a bit productive before work! In a hurry to draft my January blog posts because as soon as we enter the new year I am getting my head down and revising for my exams intensely! As soon as the lighting is right, I'm going to get some blog photography done but for now, I'm just writing!

12:30 // So this morning was a productive morning indeed! I've got a couple really nice posts scheduled, another couple in the works, and quite a bit of blog photography and editing done! Off to have a nice hot shower before I get my work bag ready and set off!

16:00 // I went into town for work a bit early to have a nice catch up with Chloe (MySecondAttempt) at Krispy Kreme. Was lovely as usual! Just got to work now and getting ready to go down to the shop floor.

21:00 // On the bus home from work, it was a short shift and it went super quickly. I'm super tired so as soon as I get home I am going straight to bed!


6:45 // It's New Year's Eve! I'm working all morning and early afternoon, then grabbing a few things from the Primark sales and heading to my parents' house to greet the new year!

8:45 // Sat in Starbucks with a lovely coffee and a book! It's so quiet and peaceful and I would really rather not go to work! I love Sunday mornings in town! It's so empty and calm for once! Heading over to work in half an hour but for now, i'm going to enjoy the calm and wait for my work friend to arrive!

16:00 // Heading home to Wales! Work went super quickly again and before I knew it, I was running around Primark grabbing every bargain in sight! I bought a couple of date-night outfits because I needed to own something other than jeans and jumpers! I also picked up some more false nails, some socks, and a £3 bra from the sale! It's going to be a quiet night tonight! My family never really do much for New Years, we just like to spend it relaxing together!

21:00 // Being home again is lovely! My brother and I are playing Lego Star Wars together like we used to! Once we get to 10:00, I'll head downstairs to watch Graham Norton with my parents and then all the New Year's music like always! I'm going to sign off here by wishing you all a lovely 2018! I hope that this year is the best yet!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Here we are! My obligatory 2018 goals post! I cannot believe how fast 2017 flew by, it's pretty terrifying! This New Years Day is a Monday, it's the start of a week, month and year so what better time to set some goals and make some changes??

Mental Health

Yep, I'm starting with a big one! Over the past year, I have had a bit of a journey with my mental health! I attended counselling for the first time about a year ago, attended therapy groups, started medication and figured a lot out about my mental state. It's been a rollercoaster of a year but I have been slowly improving my mental health and in 2018 I want to make even more of an effort in trying to improve my wellbeing! I want to work a lot on my self-esteem issues and on forming some really good healthy habits! Plus, my mental health has had a massive impact on my productivity so i'm aiming to get back into a productive mindset this year!


I am the worst with money! Well, not the worst, but I could be way better! The thing is, I spend it all on coffee and food which I totally count as essentials but I should still probably reign it in a bit! I'm going to start jotting down my weekly spends and start setting some budget and saving plans in place! I should really get some savings together instead of freaking out about money at every surprise expense! I am hoping that by the end of 2018 I will have a really good amount of savings together to act as a buffer if some sort of financial blow comes up.


I keep on saying that I will not leave my assignments and studying until the last minute, but if some of my diary posts tell you anything, it's that I am a master procrastinator and I need to STOP! Not only do I want to be more productive in terms of my degree, I want to use my time meaningfully. I want to make big steps towards my future career and actually figure out what the hell I want to do for the rest of my life! I want to read more, make more time for mindfulness, write more, blog more and work more!


In my first year of university, I became very good at meal planning, home-cooking meals, exercising and taking care of my skin. So far in second year, I have become the worst at all of these things! I live off of meal deals, don't drink any water, and the only exercise I get is my walks to and from university! I want to get my shit together and, as I said in the productivity section, I want to spend my time more meaningfully!

Blogging Schedule

Yes, I'm finally setting up a schedule for my blog! From now onwards I will be posting three times a week. On Mondays, I will be putting up my 'Pull Yourself Together' posts for the previous week. On Wednesday and Friday, I will be posting various content, which will include more fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I will be posting way more about mental health in the new year as this is something very close to my heart and something I feel I have a lot to say about! I feel so much more empowered than I used to and I intend to help others feel the same way, as it's been such a positive change in my life!

I'm super curious to hear what your goals are for the new year! You can find me on social media or just comment below and i'll be sure to reply as quick as possible!

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