Thursday, 7 December 2017

How I Wrap My Christmas Presents // Blogmas

Every year, I look forward to finally wrapping my Christmas presents for my loved ones. Last year, my wrapping was incredible. I had a lot of time in my hands and I managed to find some wonderful and cheap wrapping materials. This year, however, I am super busy and I have barely any time to search around for the perfect wrapping materials. This has led me back to basics!

This year, I have gone for some plain brown boring parcel paper and decided to dress it up and decorate the gifts to create a wonderful and pretty pile of presents. I have finally wrapped my first bunch of presents and I like the look, so once the rest of my presents are bought and delivered, I will be wrapping all of my presents the same way!

All of my wrapping materials this year are from Poundland (what a surprise). For my larger presents, I decided to dress up the simple wrapping paper with some bells, which I bought in a pack of 10. I also got some wooden tags which I bought in a pack of 6.  

To dress up the smaller presents, I stuck to the simple shiny ribbons and bows. They look so small and sweet and i'm pretty pleased how simple and nice they look!

Again, I got a pack of 4 colours of ribbons and bows from Poundland and this gives me a lot to work with so I can make every present look individual!

Comment and let me know how you've wrapped your presents this year! I'd love to see how everyone's wrapping theirs! As a bonus, here's a picture I pulled from Instagram of how I wrapped my presents last year!


  1. How beautiful. i hope everyone appreciated your effort

    1. Thank you! Everyone seemed to love the wrapping and were hesitant to take it apart! <3


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