Monday, 4 December 2017

Pull Yourself Together // Week 1

So here we are! The beginning of a new weekly blogging thing. It's the start of a new week and it is my birthday! I'm 20! It feels strange, I feel like it's an opportunity for a fresh start. I've exited my teens and it kind of feels like a final push into being a kind-of adult. Very scary! I figured I would do a diary-style weekly post summing up my weeks and kind of checking up on my productivity. I don't really have my shit together and I would like to have it together. Hence the title! So, let's see how long this one lasts!


11:00 // My birthday! I'm writing my essay, what a treat! Deadlines wait for nobody so i'm spending the morning writing my essay in bed. Simultaneously lazy and productive. Not a terrible start to my 20s! I actually ate a full breakfast (honey and vanilla porridge, a handful of honey peanut cereal, black coffee) which is a rarity! Good start Jessica!

20:45 // What a day! I finally submitted the essay which has been slowly killing me for the past three weeks! I then went to uni briefly and then hopped on a bus to town with my friend for some spending! Picked up some new ground coffee, a mini Leon recipe book, another self-help book, and some food from M&S (a birthday treat). Now that i'm back home, i'm planning to just chill with some friends and put on a film. The perfect birthday evening!


10:00 // A bit of a quiet day today, not in uni until 3! I have been spending the morning taking blog pictures and finishing my November Faves post!

23:00 // Ended up rushing into uni early to go for coffee with an old friend. We had such a good catch up and it was lovely to see her for the first time in months! I then participated in a focus group about social media and self-esteem, and then my friend and I attended a mindfulness workshop. I've missed mindfulness and i'm hoping to attend the workshops more often! I then had a movie night with another person and now i'm in bed doing some uni reading. A pretty chilled day!


8:00 // I'm sensing a theme! Starting the day by doing uni work in bed! The only thing I dislike about autumn/winter is the lack of sunlight in the mornings. I feel like i'm getting up to do work later because I find it impossible to be productive when it's dark outside!

13:15 // This morning's lecture was super interesting and I enjoyed it a lot! I am currently sat in a cafe doing some work and getting some caffeine into my system before this afternoon's meetings! I left my headphones at home today so i'm not as productive as I would like to be; I keep getting distracted!

22:27 // Day over! Managed to be fairly productive today so I treated myself to some chill out time this evening! I did a session of mindfulness and then read my book for a little while. Heading to bed now, got an early start in the morning!


15:00 // Today is super busy so i'm only just checking in! I woke up this morning and lay in bed typing up a blog post before rushing to get dressed and leave the house. I had a lab at 11 and a lecture at 2 (with work and lunch in between). Heading to Tesco and then home for some flat hunting and chill out time. Watching the new episode of Riverdale with a friend later! Can't wait!

00:00 // Managed to book three flat viewings for tomorrow, complete my statistics test, attend a lab and lecture, watch the new Riverdale and do some blogging. A fairly successful day in my opinion! So ready for sleep!


9:00 // Good morning! Got a lot to do today, it's an exciting day! I've got two flat viewings and i'm so excited to see one in particular! Hopefully it lives up to my expectations!

20:00 // Oh dear, I fell in love with a flat! I've thought it through all day and i'm paying the deposit tomorrow! After the flat viewings, I grabbed a coffee with my future flatmate and rushed over to counselling. After counselling, I attended a statistics class and then took a friend to the doctors. It was a long day and it tired me out a lot so i'm already in bed! Going to hang with my housemates for a while and then probably pass out early!


9:00 // Double shift at work today! Retail over the holidays is brutal!

00:00 // So today was insane! Work was so busy so it went really quickly (and painfully) and before I knew it I was on my way home! Not much to report since then. I had a bath and now i'm laying in bed catching up with social media! More work tomorrow and then hopefully a date! In other news, I put the deposit down on my flat for next year and I am STOKED!


8:00 // Heading out to catch the bus to work in a moment! Super tired and dreading another insanely busy day in work today! However, being met in town and taken shopping after work and the thought of that is pushing me out of the house!

2:30 // Work was insane! These weeks leading up to Christmas are so stressful! No chance of me getting any uni work done after that shift! I am heading into town on a date and I am then going to chill out at home and relax.

23:00 // We had a lovely time in town and now we're just chilling with takeaway and watching Gilmore Girls! We also watched the Grinch (my choice) which was super nice and now i'm back to feeling all festive after work kind of took that out of me!

So, there we have it! My entire week! I hope you all had a lovely week and i'll be back again next week with another one of these posts!

I also want to quickly thank everyone for all the reads and interactions over the past few days! I love logging in and replying to your tweets and comments and it's so fun getting to know all you new people!


  1. I love this idea of a post. I always find it so difficult to be productive when it's so dark in the winter too.



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