Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Pull Yourself Together // Week 2

Another week, another 'Pull Yourself Together' post! I am sorry that this one is a little late! I have been so snowed under with deadlines that I haven't had a chance to log in and hit publish! It has been a productive week and I hope you enjoy reading about it!


8:00 // Good morning! My deposit has been accepted!! I officially have a flat for next year!! It was such a good piece of news to wake up to, I'm so happy!

12:00 // Got a late start at uni today so I'm just sitting in my room doing a bit of online Christmas shopping! I am so excited about gift giving this year!

17:00 // So I just got back from my statistics lecture, it was pretty good! I popped into Poundland and Superdrug on the way home and grabbed a few wrapping essentials, as well as some Elf goodies as they have just arrived in Superdrug!

23:00 // This evening was lovely! The guy I'm seeing brought biscuits over and we carried on watching Gilmore Girls and did some uni work together. I should go to bed now as I have a lot to do when I get up in the morning! Gotta get those blog posts drafted and my lab report done!


12:00 // It has been a productive day so far! I have a post ready to go up for this evening, another blogmas post completely done, and another in the works. Now it's off to uni to get some work done in the cafe and then head to a lecture! Hopefully, the rest of my day is as productive as this morning!

20:00 // The lecture was great and I managed to make a start on my essay! All in all, not much happened today but it was pretty productive!


9:00 // For once I am starting my day with a book instead of work! At the moment, I am reading Quiet Power by Susan Cain and loving it so far! It's giving me so much appreciation for my introversion and it's really empowering! Got a busy day ahead and I'm heading to uni for a lecture, two experiments, essay writing, and counselling group!

23:00 // Today was so long and busy! I managed to get quite a bit of work done and I attended my counselling group which was lovely. I spent a bit more time on my work this evening before settling down and watching the first episode of The Crown. I like it way more than I thought I would!


7:00 // Up nice and early for a doctors appointment this morning! I have got to start walking there at 8:15 so I'm up early to shower and get a bit of reading done before heading out!

12:45 // I had some time between the doctors and my lab (11am) so I grabbed breakfast at Costa today as a little treat to myself! It was wonderful! My lab was good and productive and now I'm sat in the psychology building cafe trying to get some more work done before I head to the letting agents to sign the tenancy agreement for my lovely third-year flat! Busy day again!

19:00 // I did it!! I signed the tenancy agreement and paid the deposit so I have officially sorted out my flat for next year! After we signed our paperwork, my future flatmate and I headed back to mine to watch this week's Riverdale episode, which we absolutely loved! Waiting for my guy to come over (with food hopefully) and spending my free time watching Miracle on 34th Street with my housemate! Getting all festive and warm-hearted! Will probably eat my food and be asleep very early today after this busy day!


7:00 // Up early yet again for an academic advisor meeting, before heading to another building to help a few first-year students with an advice session about lab report writing. Straight after the advice session, I have a statistics class and then I'm heading to the cafe again to work on my essay. What a busy day!

19:00// Thank goodness that's over! It was such a long day but I'm finally home and ready to do more work in the comfort of my own bed! Work tomorrow is going to be so busy so I'm going to have to get a good night's sleep!


12:00 // Finally a late start to the day! No uni work is being done today, just a late shift at work and then straight to bed! This time next week I will be packing to go home for a few days and I cannot wait! Also, tomorrow after work I will be finishing off my Christmas shopping and I am so excited to wrap everything up and get ready for Christmas!

23:00 // Home from work and straight to bed! What a hectic shift! I will be quite glad when I'm done with work for Christmas!


7:00 // Look! An early morning! Heading out early to catch the bus to work. Hoping it's a little less stressful than yesterday! I can't wait to go shopping after work!

18:00 // All shopped out! Managed to get everything I need for my family which is a big relief! I am so ready to wrap all these presents up and set them aside for my trip home! My friend and I also went to the Christmas markets again, possibly for the last time this year! It has been lightly snowing all day so it was very picturesque, but my hands were too cold to get a good shot of the markets! Managed to find some money to treat myself to a new cosy hat and some new gloves too which is lovely!

I hope that you all had a good week and that your next week is even better! Thank you for reading!

I feel like the point of making these posts is to encourage myself to be productive and I feel that it is working, looking back and seeing how much work I got done this week! Hopefully, next week will be just as productive!

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