Monday, 4 December 2017

Staying Festive in University // Blogmas

December is here and despite wanting to spend every day at the Christmas markets, I am still being battered by deadlines. Not only this, but I have exams in January so the Christmas holidays are going to be packed with revision and stress!

Instead of resigning myself to the idea that I don't have time to be christmassy, I have been taking small steps to incorporate the holidays into my everyday working life!


Music is a big one! I tend to work to lo-fi sounds or classical music and the holidays are no different! I am currently enjoying the Christmas Peaceful Piano playlist on Spotify and this Christmas study music on YouTube!

Breaks and evenings

During breaks, I tend to read other blogs and recently I have been reading lots of blogmas posts! I have also been using my evenings to write out my Christmas cards and organise my Christmas shopping, which I am so behind in this year!! I also watch a lot of Christmas movies and TV specials and generally try to keep my downtime as festive as possible. Plus, the thought of Christmas gives me something to look forward to; a few days where I let myself be lazy and not do any uni work!

Food and drink

I'm quite fortunate in the fact that my birthday is so close to Christmas! Every year, my Grandad sends me a Costa Coffee gift card so that I can spend my December trying every festive drink, picking a favourite, and then drinking nothing but that drink until the new year! I also start having more warm meals at uni instead of living off meal deals! At the moment, I have been eating a lot of jacket potatoes and soups while doing my work in the psychology building cafe!


I have to spend long hours at my desk and this isn't a very festive prospect. However, I have a mini Christmas tree on my desk and I have Christmas cards displayed around my workstation. I also already have fairy lights around the window by my desk and I have added decorations to the hooks that keep the lights up. By creating a Christmassy and pleasant workspace, I have made it a bit easier and nicer to do my work! I also picked up a mini christmas tree which now lives on my desk!

And that's about it! To sum up, I spend all my time listening to Christmas music, sipping festive coffees and doing my assignments! Merry Christmas! It can be hard to feel festive when you're still super dressed and bogged down by work but it'll all be good and Christmas will soon be here!

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