Friday, 19 January 2018

A Budget Pamper Evening // Self Care 101

Sometimes we just need an entire evening off! To switch off and recharge for a while! While it is always lovely to light a fancy candle and have a Lush bath, having a tight budget can prevent you from having these luxuries and even discourage us from giving ourselves a treat and a pamper! Fear not! Here are a few items which can help you to pamper yourself and have a proper 'treat yo self' evening without any guilt!

The bath

If you are fortunate to have a bath and haven't made use of it for a while, this is your sign to run those taps and create some bubbles. Let the warm water melt away the tension in your body created by stress and being on the go. If you have the budget for it, a Lush bath is always a fave (Twilight bath bomb, yes please)! However, having a Radox bath is just as good! A big bottle of Radox bath is only 98p at the moment in Superdrug and it smells so good! It creates loads of bubbles and fills the room with relaxing scents! Alternatively, this little Zoella bath set is on offer for just £1.99 in Superdrug and is a nice bathtime treat with bath milk powder and bath tea bags!

In the bath, take the time to pamper your skin! Exfoliate away all your dead dry skin and leave the bath with baby-soft skin and a clear mind! I found this lovely scrub in Primark on sale for just £1! After wanting to pick it up for ages, I snapped it up and I cannot wait to use it in the bath on my pamper evening!

The surroundings

When you want to get into that relaxed frame of mind, your surroundings can make all the difference! Make sure that your room/flat/house is fairly tidy so you don't feel stressed about having to tidy it later. I let my room get so untidy when I am super busy and stressed and tidying it all up again and getting to be in tidy surroundings once more is such a great feeling and lifts my mood so much sometimes!

As a student, I am not allowed to have candles in my room, so I make up for it with a pretty ridiculous amount of fairy lights! All my fairy lights are the battery operated cheap ones from Primark. They are super affordable and do so much to a room! When I switch them on my room feels so much more pretty and cosy! Because I can't have scented candles, I always make sure I have a good reed diffuser in my room! My current diffuser is a fresh linen scented one from ASDA.

The treatments

Can't afford a fancy face mask? No problem! Primark has really upped their beauty section and they have a massive range of face masks for all skin types (not sponsored, I just work there so I see their products all the time)! I have a bit of a thing for rose scented products at the moment so I cannot wait to use the rose cleansing rinse off mask! Plus, 80p for a face mask is super great value!

Go through the whole works for your face, doing a complete skincare routine and pampering that lovely face of yours! I have a massive obsession with the rose water range by Garnier at the moment! Their products are super affordable and leave my face feeling wonderfully clean and taken care of!

Don't just pamper your face! Give your body a proper treat too! Superdrug has several super affordable ranges of body products and the products I have tried have never failed me! This big bottle of cocoa body lotion is £1.49 and is a lovely moisturising product at an incredible price! This hand cream was also £1.50 from Primark and smells lovely! Cheap and cheerful products are wonderful finds and great to pick up when you're on a tight budget!

The entertainment

Sit back and relax! The evening is yours! Do whatever you love most and feel no shame or guilt, you deserve a night off! For me, I would watch a film or two on Netflix, or maybe read some magazines, books and blog posts which inspire me so that I can rekindle my motivation and passion through reading about influential women, think up some new post ideas, or learn something new about one of my passions!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! I hope that it gave you some inspiration for the greatest cosy night in ever! Take care and let me know if there's any posts you would like to see in the Self Care 101 series! Always open to suggestions! xo


  1. This post makes me want to clean my room, it’s too messy! It’s easy to ignore the effect environment has on mood until it’s pointed out.


    1. Since writing this comment I did actually tidy my room! I threw away a load of junk and now I feel a bit better 💗

    2. I am so glad that you feel a bit better! I hope that you have a wonderful week, thank you so much for the wonderful comments! x

  2. Lovely post, it's always good to take time out for yourself xx /

  3. This sounds like the perfect pamper evening! I'm going to have to check out Primark's beauty range for bath stuff and face masks. I don't really tend to look in there, so thanks for the recommendation. Radox is one of my favourite budget bubble bath ranges, they create so many bubbles which I love.


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