Wednesday, 24 January 2018

My Style Inspo and Goals

For years I have been trying to find my style. I was an emo in high school, a bit more experimental in college (hello rose gold fake docs and cute short hair) and now I'm a bit all over the place. I feel that now I'm in my twenties (oh goodness), I should really pin down a style or at least be consistent in my apparel!

I bet you're wondering if I dug up some old photos for the sake of this post... Yes, I did. The things I do for you! The first image was taken in September 2013 and the second was taken in January 2016. To be fair, I do really miss having short hair sometimes, I loved it so much!

This post will be a few musings on my personal style, a wishlist and a compilation of my favourite bloggers/YouTubers/celebrities who I look up to in terms of style.

My style

So, I've gone through so many different phases and looks that my style is all over the place! Recently, I have been super busy and so have been opting more for comfort than anything else. I live in black jeggings and baggy jumpers. In terms of makeup and beauty, I have been neglecting my face a bit. This has left me feeling pretty unconfident and uncomfortable in my skin. I want to make more of an effort in my day-to-day appearance as I feel so much more confident and ready to tackle the world when I am well dressed and have even minimal makeup on! I feel most confident in a comfortable but classic outfit, well dressed from head to toe but also snug, warm and unrestricted by my clothing. A sneaky jegging, a warm jacket, a high-neck jumper, and a coat of mascara. In 2018 (I cannot believe it's already here) I hope to build up somewhat of a capsule wardrobe. To find a way to look good and dress well on my student budget!


This wishlist is full of beautiful pieces which I mostly cannot afford. It is a list of items I would either like to buy or like to find a cheaper dupe of...


How could I kick off a list of the ladies that inspire me without mentioning Anna from The Anna Edit??  Her classic style is timeless and she makes it appear effortless! The style section of her website is my constant source of inspiration, as well as her Instagram feed and YouTube videos.

Another blogger who's style I absolutely adore is Samantha Maria. I have enjoyed her YouTube videos and blog for years and I have loved watching her style evolve.

I love Keira Knightley's street style. Even when in baggy jeans or the comfiest clothes, she still looks classy and elegant. I do not understand this sorcery but I would love to be able to look as put together as her all the time!

Get It On is a podcast by Dawn O'Porter. It features chats about fashion with many household names and successful people, male and female! Her list of awesome guests include Dermot O'Leary, Amanda Palmer, Jameela Jamil, and the fabulous Dawn French (my ultimate hero)! Dawn is a wonderful host and the interviews are fun, enlightening, and often hilarious! I would definitely recommend as it gives me so much insight into the fashion of others and provides a bit of inspiration!

Finally, Fearne Cotton has an amazing style! Her Insta feed is full of cute and quirky outfits and garments and her outfits on the red carpet are to die for! Dressed up or dressed down, she always looks effortless and incredibly stylish!

Thanks for reading! Who are your style inspirations?


  1. Hello, I'm new to your blog! I really enjoyed reading this, it's always interesting to find out where people get their inspiration from. And looking back at old photos is also one of my favourite pasttimes. :)

    I love Liv Purvis'(What Olivia Did) style. It's fresh, a little quirky but also manages to be effortlessly chic.

    Sneha |


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