Monday, 15 January 2018

Pull Yourself Together // Week 7


My exams are about to start (when this gets published it will be the day of my first exam). Because of my busy study schedule and lack of time to keep updating a PYT post as usual, I will be posting about the highlights of my weeks for the next few weeks instead of a full diary post! I still wanted to get the usual scheduled PYT posts up so this is what I have come up with! I know these posts are some of the most enjoyed posts on my blog!

  • Fairly unfocused today! Would rather write than study so I figured I would spend some time scheduling posts for the next few weeks so I will have more time to revise when exams are closer
  • One week until my first exam!
  • Took some beautiful blog pics for tomorrow's extra post! Very excited to publish them!
  • Boyfriend is coming over to watch Friends and eat takeaway with me because i've been very stressed about exams

  • Study day at the psych building cafe! Will walked with me to uni because we started at the same time for a change (I went in early just so I didn't have to walk alone)! 
  • Got lots of work done and had a laugh with some friends
  • Extra post went up on the blog! The Body Shop perfume oil review! Super proud of the improvement in my blog photography lately! The pics look great!
  • Date night! We had dinner at Slug + Lettuce in Albert Square, drinks at Printworks, and then saw The Greatest Showman (which was absolutely amazing)!!

  • Study day in the psychology building cafe with a couple of friends again!
  • I have been listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack all day! It is incredible and is all I want to listen to for the next year! 
  • Spent the evening doing a bit of studying in my friend's room! We had such a laugh, she's so hilarious and lovely!

  • Had to take a sick day because I am feeling like utter garbage! While this may suck, it gives me an excuse to stay at home all day and take care of myself! 
  • Rose-ified my skincare for the day by using the Garnier Skin Active + Rose Water cleansing milk, toner and moisturiser, along with my new Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray! I also took some blog pics with the lovely products for my self-care 101 post on Sunday!
  • My angel (good friend) came home (to our uni house) from Norway after being home for ages and it was super lovely to see her after so long!!
  • Got some studying done despite being really ill!
  • My friend came upstairs and we studied together for a while before bed.

  • Left the house at 9, a fairly decent time
  • Had a wonderful coffee at Cafe Nero with a friend before heading over to Anchor Coffee House for a bagel breakfast!
  • Another bagel for lunch and a productive time at the cafe, studying for my evolutionary psychology exam
  • Bought a new Do book from Anchor Coffee House (again), read a couple of chapters and already captivated!
  • Chloe joined the study session which was wonderful! She is always a treat to hang out with!

  • Got up, took my meds and supplements and got straight down to work!
  • Had a lovely long shower
  • Understood an important court case in my history of forensic science module and was able to outline the whole thing on the phone with my mum without looking at my notes!
  • Printed some notes and studied on the bus to work, and in the work cafeteria before my shift!
  • Studied for a while when I got home from work, and then worked on another mental health post before bed!

  • Another Self Care 101 post went up today and I am super proud of it! It's all about self care in the exam season and you can go read it HERE if you think you would benefit from it!
  • Work was quiet so I got to relax a little bit
  • Terrified for tomorrow's exam but powering through with revision
  • Picked up some black heeled boots from Primark sales for £3 which is insane!!
  • My friend ordered a garlic bread from Dominos for me
  • Studied into the night, hoping that tomorrow goes well!

Thank you for reading! What do you think of this temporary format for the Pull Yourself Together posts? Should it become a permanent change or should I definitely switch back to the usual format after exams? xo


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