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Free Learning

I love education. Learning is a great passion of mine and I love to branch out far from my actual degree and to read about all sorts of topics! There are a wide variety of free learning resources out there and I figured I would compile a list of all the ones I have found so far! However, the list is endless and if you know any good ones which I have missed out, please let me know!

I am starting with the absolute king of free online learning resources! Khan Academy is a treasure trove of courses and informative videos and there is no end to the amount you can learn on there! You can use it to supplement a course you are already taking (it saved me when I was studying A-Level Biology), or you can start from the beginning and learn something completely new! For me, I have missed learning about history so much and so in my time off from uni I like to work my way through a history module! 

If languages are more your thing, Duolingo has you covered! I am using Duolingo to brush up on my French but you can learn pretty much any language on there (even Welsh!!) and it's free! Again, you can use it to start completely from the beginning or you can supplement your ongoing learning. Either way, Duolingo is absolutely fantastic!

Crash Course is a YouTube channel dedicated to learning! They have so many courses available on there and each video lesson is presented so well visually! I love it when lessons contain lots of graphics and engaging visuals as it really helps the information to stick! For me, the lessons delivered by Hank Green are the most engaging video lessons out there! He's just so enthusiastic and clearly has a passion for what he does!

Of course, i'm mentioning TED here! TED has a massive back catalogue of talks on any subject you can possibly think of and it is a massive bank of information! All of the speakers have been selected because they are outstanding in their own fields and so are completely engaging about their own subjects! The TED slogan is 'ideas worth spreading' and they definitely show this in their content! If you want to watch some of my favourite talks, the link to my post is HERE!

Run by the Open University, Open Learn is a collection of free online learning courses. Upon completion, you get a certificate of participation and they offer a wide variety of courses! I feel like the best part of this particular resource is that they tell you how many hours each course takes and the level at which the content is. This means that you can take on courses at a rate suited to you and can dip your toe into a variety of areas to work out what you educational interests are! They also have a YouTube channel HERE!


Not all elements of Blinkist are free, but the free version is brilliant! You have the chance to read from a different pre-selected piece of text every day, each very different to the last. These are all bite-sized pieces and can lead you on to reading more on each subject if you find something particularly interesting! I love opening the app each day and seeing which text waits for me. You can download the app on iTunes HERE or the Google Play store HERE!


This website brings together a massive amount of free courses from universities all over the world! All the courses are free but you can pay extra to get a verified certificate of education. I could spend hours purely just browsing through the different courses as there are so many out there. All the courses are self-paced which means they are super flexible and can work with any schedule!


Similar to a few sites on this list, Alison has a wide range of self-paced courses which you can select based on the amount of time you have to dedicate to your learning. The assessments can all be retaken and you need to score 80% or above in each unit in order to pass the courses. They also give you the option to buy your certificate or diploma and will ship it to you for free.

Future Learn

With 145 partner universities, Future Learn has a massive variety of courses which can work with any schedule! You can buy your certificate of participation separately but all the courses are free to join. They have connected with different universities worldwide so there is a massive range of courses you can choose from!

I hope that you have gained something from this post and I hope that you enjoy any course you may pick up from the sources in this post! Let me know if you have any faves which I have not mentioned here! I would love to add them or make a further post in the future! x


  1. I love this! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this list together and share it with your followers. Like you, I absolutely love to learn. I truly believe that knowledge is power. Many of these sites, such as TEDTalks I had heard of before. However, there's also many throughout this post that are brand new to me. I have bookmarked this page and will be visiting these sites when I feel better (I think I have a cold coming on). Thank you once again for sharing your passion of learning with others.
    Kind regards
    -Amy x

  2. Love it! I loveeee TED talks, I'll look at the list of your favourite ones now...
    I like ShawAcademy, its free for the first month, I received two diplomas through them woo woo :)

    Love your blog, just followed <3
    xx Beth

    1. Thank you!! Ooooh i'll definitely check them out!! x

  3. I love this ! I'm considering a career change at 58 would you believe it- so will look into these! I also love TED Talks !! Thank You ! xxx


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