Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Pull Yourself Together // Week 10

Time for another Pull Yourself Together post! I have decided to stick with the bullet point format after some positive feedback and due to how much easier it is to put together!


  • Woke up at 6am because William had to get up for work! Too early, kill me. I couldn't get back to sleep so I did my makeup nice for my first day of semester 2!
  • I had a morning Individual Differences lecture and then a Forensic Psychology lecture straight afterwards. I somehow managed to find time to get coffee between them which was such a relief since i'm a caffeine fiend who gets grumpy and headachey when I don't have any coffee. I should probably sort that addiction out but who has the time??
  • I went to the cafe in uni for lunch and had a very productive couple of hours! I tend to get so much done there!
  • I went to a meeting for some of my volunteering and then grabbed a burrito in the student union for dinner since I had a meeting there afterwards for another project i'm volunteering for.
  • My volunteering meeting was super productive and i'm so ready to do more work on this project!
  • I went home and straight to bed! I was super tired and needed an early night!

  • I overslept so I had a late start! Annoyed but at least I didn't miss any uni stuff as my only lecture is in the afternoon!
  • I made the most of being at home in the daylight so I took some lovely blog pics!
  • I attended an introductory lecture on my Leadership in Action uni unit and i'm so excited for this unit! It seems so interesting and really my cup of tea! I chatted to the course lead after the lecture and she emailed me with some information on related internships which I could do over the summer!
  • I went back to the study cafe to do some work and I focussed on creating posters for my peer support role! I have been using Canva to do this and I love it!
  • I had my first CBT Mindfulness session and I loved it! Everyone was super inviting and I enjoyed the practices so much!
  • Quickly did a food shop and got some veggies to make some good omelettes! I want to get back into home cooking and I figured omelettes would be a good start since I used to be the omelette queen!
  • I finished the evening by playing Sims on my lovely friend's floor.
  • Started the day with a super interesting forensic psychology lecture which was super nice! My friends and I left the house early to get coffee and food before the lecture which was such a great idea.
  • I put up a new post! I posted a lil post-exam haul which a friend asked me to do! You can read that HERE (a lil self-promo)!

  • As always, I sat in the uni cafe and did some work! My days are pretty repetitive at the moment!
  • Once I got home I had a bit of a hangout and admin evening with my lovely friend before going upstairs and doing some work on my online unit. I made eggs and veg for dinner and then read in bed until I got too drowsy and fell asleep!

  • Started the day bright and early with a cognitive neuroscience lecture! I really enjoyed it and went straight to the library afterwards to pick up the textbook! After this, I went back to the psychology building cafe (what a surprise) and did some peer support work until my workshop which I had booked with a friend!
  • The workshop was focussed on challenging unhelpful thinking habits and it was super insightful! After the workshop, I had a lab class.
  • I had to leave the lab class early in order to get to a meeting with my academic advisor. The meeting was nice and I got to update her on how well I have been doing mentally and we mapped out some plans for the future
  • After the meeting, I met my friend (who is also my future flatmate) for our weekly Riverdale viewing! I really enjoyed the episode and hate the fact that I have to wait another week for the next one!
  • It was date night so I got changed into some nice clothes and put on some makeup and then Will called a taxi and we headed into town! We got some dinner at Frankie & Benny's and then watched The Darkest Hour, which was absolutely incredible! Gary Oldman is unbelievably good in his role as Churchill! Will dropped me off at home and I got to hang out with my housemates for a while before bed which was super nice!

  • I had a lecture first thing in the morning in a building I have never been in before so I left super early to find the building! The lecture was delayed due to some technical issues so I just went on my laptop and set up a blog for a society I am co-founding for next academic year! 
  • After the lecture, I tried to finish my blog post due up today but I felt very unproductive and rather down so I switched everything off and went home. 
  • I ended up giving my room a proper clean and I spent an entire hour vacuuming the house from top to bottom! I felt a bit better after cleaning my room!
  • I ordered Indian food and ate it all in bed whilst watching Girl Boss. I felt guilty and then did some mindfulness. At some point during the practice, I fell asleep, even though it was super early!
  • I made my lovely friend lonely by falling asleep! I woke up at 1, brushed my teeth and washed my face and went straight back to sleep.

  • I worked overtime, again. I doubled my shift because I need the money. Before work, I managed to go to Holland and Barrett and do some snack shopping which was so good! I have an addiction to Vego bars so I stocked the f**k up!
  • In my break, I went to Superdrug and bought insoles, shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask, heat protector and hair dye, which I plan to use on Monday after uni!
  • After work, I had the most amazing waffle from Gino's Gelato on Market Street and then went to Printworks cinema to buy tickets for the 11:20pm showing on The Last Jedi! I have seen it but my lovely friend hasn't so she met me at the cinema and we watched it together!
  • I got home at around 3:30am and went straight to bed because I had to be up for work at 7.

  • Early start for work! I just about managed to get up at 7am and get out of the house despite my lack of sleep!
  • Only worked for a few hours so I managed to have time after work to go to Krispy Kreme with my friend and to do a bit of shopping before I went home! 
  • I had a lil garlic pizza bread from Dominos for dinner and immediately regretted my unhealthy choices! I ate so much today!
  • Will got back from his weekend trip in the evening and surprised me with flowers which was lovely! We had a catch-up and watched a film before falling asleep early!

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