Monday, 12 February 2018

Pull Yourself Together // Week 11


  • Will woke me up at 6am when he left to go to work! I went straight back to sleep, slept through my alarms, and overslept til noon. Not a great start!
  • I felt pretty low and so didn't get out of bed for quite a while. I eventually decided to give up on the idea of leaving the house and decided to act as if it was still the morning and that I was just starting the day
  • I put in a hair mask and went through some emails to give myself a slow start to the day
  • I finally decided to leave my room at about 2pm to put some laundry in the washing machine and shower
  • After my shower, I put on some freshly washed pyjamas and changed my bedsheets in an attempt to make my surroundings feel refreshed. However, I ended up just getting back into bed and staring at the ceiling for about an hour. I won't go into the feelings that I was experiencing, they weren't very good though, unfortunately
  • I attempted to do a bit of work but ended up giving up and having a little healthy cry
  • I got my clothes out of the dryer and ordered a pizza
  • Once my flatmates got home, I spent a bit of time with them as they tend to make me feel a lil better! My lovely friend dyed my hair darker while we watched Moana
  • I went to bed and binge-watched Black Mirror before bed

  • After a pretty crappy day yesterday, I decided to get up a little bit early and to put some makeup on in order to boost my confidence a bit
  • I went into uni early to help run an event to help first years with their statistics assignments
  • After the workshop, I went straight to the psychology building cafe to do some work
  • My lovely friend and I then went to a workshop on 'Finding Motivation' and I worked out some truths about how I motivate myself and how I am growing as a person. I used to be very extrinsically motivated and I would only work hard in order to impress and please others. However, now I work with passion and my future career in mind
  • I went back to the psychology building cafe and did some writing. I edited and posted last week's Pull Yourself Together post
  • I went to my weekly mindfulness class, which went really well even though I fell asleep during practice. It made me realise how tired I really am!
  • I did a food shop on the way home and made an omelette when I got home
  • I queued up a couple posts for the rest of the week and then went up to bed

  • Left for university early this morning to give me time to grab a coffee! This is going to become my daily routine as it means that I am not rushing to uni and I get to enjoy my morning coffee a bit more!
  • I had an interesting forensic psychology lecture and then went to the psychology cafe to work with my lovely friend. I also had a meeting with my favourite lecturer and we had a great chat about writing and mental health!
  • I got to do a bit of admin and email organisation before going to a low mood therapy group
  • This week, I facilitated the group! It was a bit of a last minute thing but I ended up doing super well and I ended up receiving some thank-yous and a boost of confidence to facilitate more! I can't believe how well it went!
  • I then had a meeting at 6pm with Open Mind Manchester. I am a part of the external committee and we were laying down plans for the next few months. The meeting was super productive and I've completely blocked my schedule for the next month or so with work and volunteering!
  • On the way back from the meeting, which finished at about 8, I bought a meal deal and ate it in bed when I got home. I finished organising my emails and sorted all my bookmarks on my laptop

  • Started the day by going to the psych building cafe to load up on caffeine before my seminar. I had a seminar on essay writing and then a really useful lab class
  • After the lab, I sat in the psychology building cafe and had a public cry for the first time in a while. I was a bit of an emotional mess but luckily not many people were around. Chloe went to the building next door for a while and then came back with a large latte for me because the psych building coffee machine was broken and she's an angel!
  • My Open Mind Manchester article was published! I have already received such a great response and people who haven't talked to me in ages have got in touch and been so supportive!
  • On the way home, I met up with my friend and we went back to mine for our weekly Riverdale viewing! The latest episode was so good and I hate that we have to wait another week for the next one!
  • After my friend had gone, the housemates and I had a bit of a drink, which turned into a lot of drinking and me doing some drunk online shopping (oops). Thankfully, I didn't go too overboard and I can't wait for my new Marilyn Manson hoodie to arrive!

  • I overslept AGAIN! Instead of beating myself up about it, I decided to get some work done at home so I caught up on some lectures and put on a hair mask and face mask
  • After doing some work, I had a shower, got dressed, and cleaned and mopped the kitchen
  • My lovely friend got home and we made dinner together and had a good chat!
  • Will came over and we went though some recipe books and planned out what we will be cooking together and baking together since he's a great cook and i'm pretty good at baking! We had a pretty early night which was lovely!

  • Started the day by doing some work in bed, before getting up, getting dressed and doing my hair
  • A couple of friends and I went for brunch at The Anchor, which was amazing! I ate two brownies and a cream cheese bagel, and had two wonderful coffees!
  • After brunch, I hopped on the bus to town and managed to get a bit of shopping done before work! I picked up some flared trousers from Mango, some Pusheen stickers and a notebook from Paperchase, a couple of books from Waterstones, and a hair mask from Lush
  • Work was pretty slow and seemed to last forever! On the way home I ordered some food and ate that on my lovely friend's floor before we watched Mune, which was a lovely animated film! 

  • I have been waiting for this day all week! After a short shift, I am seeing my family for the first time since the Christmas break and they're meeting Will! Plus, my brother is giving me his old Xbox 360 and I am so excited!
  • On the way to work, I grabbed a cappuccino from Starbucks and chilled in the cafeteria with my good work friend! Work was so slow and, again, seemed to last forever!
  • Lunch with the family was so good! I met Will outside work and then we went to meet my family. It was so good seeing them again and they all got along super well with Will! We had a great lunch and a great chat! My dad had read my Open Mind article and had found it really interesting and was proud of me! I swear when he was talking about it and describing how it made him feel I could have cried! He told me that the optimism that I was putting across about recovery really broke the stigma for him and he understood mental health struggles more than he ever has!
  • Once we got home, Will and I set up the Xbox and played Lego Star Wars for HOURS! It made me so nostalgic and it was so fun! He ordered Indian food and we ate most of it while chatting with a couple of my housemates and then we were in bed and asleep before 9:30! Such an early night is unheard of for us!

In all, this week has been such a mix of emotions! My mental health has been so up and down but when looking back, I can see quite a few highs and achievements! I think reading and writing these weekly diaries is really helping me to see what I am doing right, instead of focussing on the lows! Thank you for reading! x

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