Monday, 19 February 2018

Pull Yourself Together // Week 12

  • Early start for a morning lecture! It was a pretty dull one but I managed to get some good notes done!
  • I went straight to the psych building cafe after the lecture to get some work and admin done! I had a really productive few hours!
  • I managed to edit and post last week's Pull Yourself Together post and promote that on social media in between my uni tasks!
  • I had a very productive meeting with a friend about setting up a mental health mentor scheme in uni and then met Chloe and took the bus to town
  • I picked up some second-hand Xbox games and grabbed some food before heading home for a house movie night!
  • We all ordered food and watched Howl's Moving Castle. I had a 20-minute nap in the middle of the film but it was a great night!
  • Once the film was over, I headed up to my room and played Arkham Asylum until I was too tired to keep my eyes open

  • I had a quick shower and headed to uni in my comfy new Marilyn Manson hoodie and some leggings. Extreme comfort! On my way, I had a good chat on the phone with my grandad which was lovely!
  • I did some work in the psych building cafe and then headed to my seminar in the rain. I sat by the window on the 4th floor because we're across from Whitworth Hall and Manchester Museum which is a pretty lovely view
  • I am so tired and because of my intensive mindfulness course, i'm not leaving uni until 8pm. Probably going to fall asleep as soon as we go into a relaxing practice
  • Successfully conducted my interview for my latest lab class, and I just need to transcribe it all by Thursday, which shouldn't be too bad
  • I ended up flying through the transcription process and managed to get it all done straight after the interview itself! I will reward myself with a bit of reading before getting back to my lecture catch-up
  • I read the whole of We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, which was really thought-provoking and well written!
  • My mindfulness class flew by and I went straight home to play Fallout 3 before bed!

  • Valentine's day! Today is the first time I am not single on Valentine's day and i'm so excited! Will won't tell me where we're going later though!
  • I had a day at home just doing some writing and working from bed before glamming myself up for the night! I wore my striped jumpsuit from Primark and looked GREAT!
  • He turned up at my door with a bunch of roses and some chocolates, which was so sweet! We went to Zizzi for Italian food and then Harvey Nichols bar for prosecco! It was such a wonderful evening and I felt so so lucky and spoilt!

  • I got up bright and early to walk to uni with a couple of lovely friends! We stopped off at Costa and then I headed to the psychology building to set up a bake sale, which I helped run for the psychology peer mentors scheme!
  • The bake sale table looked amazing and so many mentors offered us cakes and treats to sell! Running the bake sale was so much fun too, even though I was pretty hungover!
  • After helping with the bake sale, I headed to a lab class and then home with a friend to hang out! There wasn't an episode of Riverdale so we watched drag queen videos!
  • After my friend had left, I got an email about the bake sale. Apparently, we raised way more than expected which is amazing!
  • The evening was a bit grim. I had a bit of a meltdown which came out of nowhere. Vowing to go back to the doctors next week to sort myself out!

  • Grabbed a toastie from Costa for breakfast thing morning as a payday treat! I went to the usual spot to get some work and emails done and then went for an Open Mind Writers meeting, which was super productive! 
  • After the meeting, I grabbed another coffee with a friend and chilled for a while before meeting with my favourite lecturer for a chat
  • I then went over to the SU to chat with the lovely Women's Officer, who is always so great to chat to! What an angel! After saying goodbye, I headed into town for some much needed solitary shopping time! I popped into work to see a friend who has switched to weekday shifts and we had a quick catch up which was lovely!
  • I spent most of my time in town in a bit of a daze. I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going and I was kind of just living in my own head! Eventually, I snapped out of it and picked up a few bits and pieces from Lush before heading home to meet Will and chill out for the evening! 

  • Woke up early for my volunteering induction, which was at a community garden. It went really well and they even had a dog there! 
  • Will and I took advantage of being out so early and went for a long walk, before heading to Wetherspoons for some lunch!
  • I went into town and met up with a work friend and we spent too much money as always! Picked up a few goodies from Kiko and a new bra on sale at Ann Summers

  • Work was fairly uneventful and then Will picked me up for a pint and a pizza, which was lovely!

  • Early morning for work! I grabbed a quick snack before work and a lot of coffee to deal with the event that the store is putting on this morning! Too many customers too early in the morning!
  • Work dragged so much but I ran back in to buy some new pyjamas anyway! I then got a free Krispy Kreme doughnut and some lunch from M&S before heading home
  • I had the most chilled afternoon ever! I put on my new pyjamas and did nothing but play LEGO Star Wars until sleep! The best!


  1. I like how you lay your week out in these recap posts! I'm dying to taste those bake sale goodies, all of that on the table looks SO good. Also, the volunteering sounds really fun. <3
    Have a nice week! x

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog


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