Friday, 2 March 2018

What Happened In February?

I cannot believe how fast February flew by! I am so ready for March but for now, let's focus on the highlights of February! A lot happened over the past month, some good, some bad! I don't want to dwell on the negatives of the month so i'm going to chat about what I loved this month and all the great things that happened!

Products I loved this month

I'm going to kick off this post by talking about my hair! This month, I swapped out my super cheap and not great shampoo and conditioner for some new faves! I have started using the Garnier Ultimate Blends Oat Milk Shampoo* and its accompanying conditioner*, plus the heat protection spray*! This range is so great! My hair feels so much better and I love the feel and smell of the products!

To go with the new hair routine, this month I picked up H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment from Lush! It has improved the condition of my hair so much and always leaves my hair looking silky smooth and shiny!

I also switched up my skincare routine over February and I finally found a moisturiser that doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy and even more oily than it already is! (Trust me, I've tried so many moisturisers and not fully liked a single one)! I picked up the Sukin Facial Moisturiser* just on a whim whilst I was in Boots and i'm so glad I purchased it! It's in a handy pump bottle that I just keep by my sink and a little goes a very long way, which means this bottle is going to last me ages! It smells lovely, sinks into the skin quickly, and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated! I can't hype about this moisturiser enough, I love it so much! It's on offer for £5.30 on the Boots website at the moment and I would highly recommend picking up a bottle!

Along with the Sukin moisturiser, I have started to use the Superdrug Calm Skin Soothing Facial Wash* and I am loving it! It's only £2.99 and leaves my skin feeling super clean and super smooth! It's lovely and gentle too which is a massive bonus for my sensitive skin! My skin also seems so much less oily when I use this which is amazing!

Music, TV, games and films I have loved this month

Black Panther. I am obsessed. I have seen Black Panther in the cinema twice so far and I am aching to go see it again. It's just such a beautiful, thrilling and all-around awesome film! Plus, I have been listening to nothing but the soundtrack since it was released!

I have also begun to watch Grey's Anatomy and I love it! I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I do but I have binge-watched the first season and I am so ready to start the second season after my deadlines have passed! It has a lot of heart and is so nice just to put on at the end of a long day!

This month, I swapped my bedroom at home for my brother's Xbox 360 and it's made me so unproductive but I love it! This month I have mostly been playing Borderlands and Fallout 3. Both I have been waiting to play for a very long time so I was super excited to start!

In terms of music, as usual, I have mostly been listening to Marilyn Manson. However, I have also had a bit of a throwback month and I have been listening to records by The Front Bottoms, a fave who I haven't listened to in a while! An amazing soundtrack, however, took over this month! The Black Panther soundtrack, as mentioned, is all I have been listening to!

Events and things

So, I can't talk about February without mentioning Valentine's day! This year was the first time I wasn't single for Valentine's and I had a wonderful evening! We went for Italian food and then prosecco and it was so lovely!

I also got a lot of work done and got even more involved with peer support at my university which is something I should be pretty proud of! Lots of new and exciting schemes and projects are in the works and I am so excited for what the future holds!

On the last day of February, I received my winter exam results! I am still on track even though my mental health nearly fully derailed my studies so even though I didn't necessarily make progress, i'm very happy with where I am at and I know that I have the potential to get better and do even better this semester!

Also, can you believe this snow?? It's getting seriously ridiculous!

Goals for March

I'm going to catch up on all my uni work over the next few weeks and keep on track so that I don't end up overwhelmed and swamped when exams arrive! I'm also, hopefully, signing onto pole fitness classes with Chloe and generally just working on my fitness. I put on a lot of weight over the past two months and I don't feel particularly great or healthy! To be a bit more in shape would be great!

I hope you had a marvellous month! I am so thankful for those of you who have been reading and commenting and chatting to me on social media! It feels so good to build connections! x


  1. This snow is crazy, it feels like November again! I loved Black Panther as well, such a good film. And I used to watch Grey's Anatomy back in the day, I really loved the first few seasons! :) x

    Sneha |

    1. I can't wait for Black Panther to come out on DVD so I can watch it again and again! x

  2. So exciting to see other bloggers talk about gaming amongst girly things! Been network playing Borderlands with my brother and his girlfriend lately; so fun!

    Lovely post :).



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