Wednesday, 2 May 2018

April Faves

Can you believe that April is already over?? It flew by, I didn't even notice it passing! As usual, let's delve into some of my favourite things from this month! This is quite a mixed list this month since I have been all over the place with stress and work and illness. However, when I have had some time to chill and take a step back, this is what I have been loving!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I can't believe I didn't start this show sooner! I was at my guy's house one night and we were looking for something funny to watch and I told him that I had been meaning to watch this for ages but never found the time. That night, we watched a good few episodes and fell in love with the show. Then, when I figured we could watch the next few episodes together, I found out that he had almost finished season 2 when I had been waiting to watch it with him! I vowed to catch up to him and haven't quite got there but this is definitely my new favourite show! I have never laughed at anything as much as I laugh at this! My favourite character by far is Terry, he's just so hilarious and sweet!

Starbucks Reusable Cup

I wanted to buy a reusable cup but really didn't have the money for anything too fancy. The reusable cups from Starbucks are £1 and are definitely sturdy enough for their purpose! When you carry a reusable cup, you can often get discounts on your hot drinks and this is the case at the cafe in the psychology building where I spend most of my time! It feels good to cut down on waste and also to get those discounts! They really do add up when you drink as much coffee as I do!

Pixi Glow Tonic

This stuff is so good! Just starting and ending my day with a swipe of this chemical exfoliant has definitely improved the texture of my skin, which feels so much more smooth and even! I had been dying to try it out for so long and I am so glad that I finally picked up a little bottle of it. It's lasting well as a little goes a long way but I will definitely be repurchasing it when the time comes!


When I got my Xbox 360 the other month, I stuck to playing games which I had played before and knew I loved. However, this month I became completely addicted to Borderlands after looking for something new to play for a while. I love the art style throughout the game and how purely fun it is to play! The soundtrack has also been a must for me while I've been writing all my essays!

Puma Basket Platform Patent Trainers

These trainers are my new everyday item of footwear! I love how they look and how comfortable they are! The red spruces up any outfit and I love how these trainers look with my usual black culottes or skinny jeans. I have been wearing these non-stop with no signs of giving them a rest! Definitely an investment worth making! I know, the pic is blurry af! I don't have them with me right now but I want to get this post out to you so I screenshotted a boomerang from my Instagram story (which is @jessistryingblog btw).

Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin

After a long spell of not reading much of anything, I delved deep into Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin and finished it in a single sitting! It was eerie, creepy and excellently written! I could not put it down! It is definitely a book which I will read again in the future and I will probably be rewatching the film soon as I haven't seen it in a long time! It was a quick read for me and this is definitely what I needed!

Muji Notebook, Pen Case and Pens

Back at the end of March, I went to London to see Hamilton! It was incredible! While I was there, I picked up some bits and pieces from Muji and I have been loving them! I bought a little notebook, which I use for all my blog planning and ideas. It's so nice to work on dotted paper as you can work portrait or landscape and still with the guidelines to write along. I bought a couple of 0.38 pens and a pen case to use with the notebook so that everything matches. It's also all so compact and easy to throw into my ten thousand bags which I switch up on the daily.

How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

It wouldn't be a faves list if I didn't mention a personal development book! In April, I finally read the classic How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I am trying to gain more confidence in my interpersonal interactions and found this book incredibly useful! No wonder it's a long-time favourite for many people and has become such a classic! I will be picking this up and reading through certain chapters time and time again!

My tattoo

Yes, I'm mentioning this again! I got a lovely tattoo on my thigh! It is unfinished and will soon be sporting some more shading and a lil bee but it's so cute and I love it! It's also healing wonderfully which is a lovely relief!

Thank you for reading! What were your favourites last month?

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