Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Small Biz Wishlist

I've been making a move from shopping exclusively on ASOS to trying to buy from more small businesses in order to support creators. This post has been put together by myself purely to promote some small businesses and to show you some products you may be interested in and that you have never seen before!

CraftyFoxCollective on Etsy / bexlendon on Depop

I currently have an obsession with the jewellery from CraftyFoxCollective and I'm in love with the snake pieces in particular! There are a ton of dainty earrings and necklaces for everyday wear, as well as some funky larger pieces that won't look out of place when you're out on the town! On payday, I'll be getting those snake hoop earrings (buy here) that I've been lusting after for so long, as well as the cutest little sunflower mini hoops (buy here)! It's unbelievable how affordable the jewellery from CraftyFoxCollective is too, go wild!

You can find Bex on TwitterInstagramDepop and Etsy!

Kezzy2996 on Depop

I've been really into out-there earrings lately and this Depop page was one of the first pages I discovered when looking for my earring fix! Her pieces go from cute and subtle to large and in charge and I'm in love with the range of items available! I've already ordered some earrings from Kezzy2996 and I'm so in love with them! The ouija planchettes have already been worn out and received a lot of compliments!

In terms of what's on my wishlist, I'm in love with these dainty looking black and white half moon earrings (buy here), I think they would be a great little addition to any outfit when I start my new job! These gold leaf earrings (buy here) are super beautiful and elegant too and are only £2!

You can find Kezzy2996 on Depop 

Radbetty Designs

Radbetty is a hub of all things pop culture with funny graphic tees, tote bags, mugs, etc. Having already bought some shirts from this shop I can also vouch for their quality. Radbetty offers such a range of pop-culture references, from musicians such as Mercury to the iconic parody film Spaceballs. Personally, I picked up a Marilyn Manson tee and I just love it, it's such a different way to rep your favourite artist! My wishlist pick at the moment is this super cool Beetlejuice tee!

You can find Radbetty Designs on InstagramFacebook and their Wix site!

PizzaEaters on Etsy

Here's one page I've been coming back to for the longest time, PizzaEaters on Etsy. They sell the coolest 'Rainy Day Activity Books' which are pop-culture based activity books spanning all genres of TV and film, from Wes Anderson to Buffy! The ones I'm wishing for the most are the Scary Movies activity book and the Quentin Tarantino activity book.

You can find PizzaEaters on EtsyTwitter and Facebook!

Badbooks on Etsy

The travel journals made by Helen at Badbooks are absolutely gorgeous and deciding on which travel journal is my favourite was such a hard choice, but perhaps just because of the theme, I've had to pick this Twin Peaks journal!

Helen also makes cards and notebooks and I had to share this Mr Rochester valentines card purely because it's brilliant!

You can find Badbooks on Etsy!

Fable and Black

Pins, jewellery, decor, stationery and clothing, Fable and Black offer such a gorgeous range of products and trying to narrow them down to just a couple of favourites has been super difficult! I guess I'll start with how I found Fable and Black, which is through the fact that they offer A Darker Shade of Magic themed products, which is my favourite book series of all time. This 'As Travars' necklace is my #1 from their store as I nearly got this phrase tattooed last time I was in the tattoo shop (until I realised I should save for my flat deposit).

The other Fable and Black item I've chosen for my wishlist is this No Face print, which I'm in love with and will definitely be getting when I move into my next flat! I love all the lino prints but Spirited Away just makes me so nostalgic!

You can find Fable and Black on Etsytheir website and Instagram!

Witchcrafts Art

Blogger Jess Gutteridge has an art store which I have bought some beautiful prints from in the past (Hopeless Romantic print, Dotwork Moth print and Dotwork Snake & Flowers print). Her art style gives me tattoo art vibes which I love and her use of pop culture in some of her works is really fun. My fave example of this is her Pulling Faces Beetlejuice shirt which I just adore!

My next print will hopefully be this gorgeous Dotwork Batsie & Crystals print, which I would love to add to my collection!

You can find Witch Crafts on the website and on Instagram!
You can find Jess on her blog and on Instagram!

NKD Wax Company on Etsy

This company's products have been on my wishlist for a long while and I love what they stand for! I found them through their Instagram when I stumbled across a post on their account about the single-use plastic packaging that you see most wax melts sold in. All of their packaging recyclable and they use soy wax for their melts! With scents like Cherry Pie and Lavender Dreams, and even more interesting scents like Baby Powder, you should definitely check out their shop on Etsy!

You can find NKD Wax Company on Instagram and Etsy!

Got a fave small biz or your own business? Pop some links in the comments and I'd love to check them out!

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