Tuesday, 28 November 2017

November Faves

Wow! This month has flown by! I'm very sorry for the lack of posting in this month, university was bad and I didn't get to schedule much content on here. However, I have become a very good egg and already have a few new posts either scheduled or in the works!

Anyway, these are my November faves!

Firstly, this month I have rediscovered the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel range from Boots! I used to use these products back in high school and then kind of just forgot them over the past few years. However, these products have been my heroes of this month as I have had so many stress breakouts and my skin has been all over the place and these products have helped me to pull it back under control!

Keeping with the theme of beauty and skincare, my saviour for this winter so far has been my Burt's Bees lip balm! I have the coconut and pear lip balm and honestly, it's quickly become my favourite lip balm! It's in a handy tube and I keep it in my pocket at all times!

My favourite makeup item this month has been the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette. I have totally fallen in love with it all over again, it's just perfect for a super quick eye look and since i've been so busy lately, it's been so handy to just throw on and run out the door!

I have just one favourite podcast this month! I need some recs! But anyway, The Heart of It by Estee Lalonde is my current absolute fave! I love the range of topics she covers and she is so good at storytelling. Her little guest interviews are also super great and interesting!

In terms of books, I have been loving From Good To Amazing by Michael Serwa. I'm a big fan of no-bullshit self-improvement books and I grabbed this one lately and it is so good! I love the fact that it's so easy to open it on a random page, read the point he's making and input it into my day. It's super easy to read and straight to the point and, if you couldn't tell, I love it!

More books! I adore the Leon cookbooks and have been admiring them from afar for a very long time. I finally picked up a couple this month and they are so so beautiful and full of such good recipes! I grabbed the Baking & Puddings book and the Little Leons Lunchbox book and they are both so great! I'm so glad I finally picked them up.

I have also been loving my nighttime routine! I like to spray my pillows and sheets with the Feather & Down Sweet Dreams pillow spray before I get into bed. I then like to apply Lemony Flutter cuticle butter by Lush to my cuticles and then Helping Hands hand cream, also by Lush, to help my hands to recover from the winter days!

I have also been helping my skin to recover from the cold days with the Body Shop body butters. At the moment, I have the peach body butter and almond milk and honey body butter. Both are lovely and super moisturizing!

That's all for this month! Thank you for reading! I hope that you had a good November and that you all have a great December!

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