Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Solitary Shopping // A Small Primark Haul

This weekend was a long, frustrating rollercoaster of co-workers calling in sick and a very busy retail job. Coupled with deadlines, this weekend was utter torture. By Sunday afternoon, I was so ready for some much deserved retail therapy!

Working in Primark means I have had my eye on these purchases for quite some time and so I rushed around the store knowing exactly what I wanted and where I would find it. 

I am kicking off this haul with some socks because they are incredible. Honestly, I mostly work on the sock section and have wanted these since they first arrived in store! They come as a set of three but I couldn't stop myself from wearing the other pair of socks immediately, but trust me when I say that they are beautiful!

This backpack was only £9 and is my new university bag! It fits my laptop and all my cables and lunch in it despite looking fairly compact! It has a magnetic bag clasp and can be pulled shut with a cord so it feels fairly secure. It does only have one big compartment but other than that, I love it a lot!

These black boots were £16 which I was hesitant to spend in Primark but these boots are so so good and comfy. They're my new everyday boots and I love them to pieces!

This pyjama shirt is so comfy and oversized! It was £8 and I absolutely adore it! It's soft and light and really cute!

More socks! A bit boring but essential and cute! Both £2.50!

Finally... The real reason for the shopping trip! I have been coveting this massive sweater since it arrived in stores and i'm so happy that I finally own it! It's £12 from the men's section and it is my new favourite item of clothing!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Those socks are super cute. I wish we had a Primark where I live because it seems like there's heaps of really great finds there :)

    Julia //

    1. I honestly spend way too much in Primark and I am way too excited for these socks! :)

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