Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Pull Yourself Together // Week 4


12:00 // My first full day at home in ages! I got up early with the rest of my family this morning as my mum had to head out to work and my brother went to school. My dad and I dropped my brother off at school and then headed into Chester so that my dad could go to the garage. While his car was being looked at, we walked into the city centre and grabbed coffee together (for the first time ever)! It was so nice getting to chat with him and have a proper day out together for the first time in ages! We ducked into a few shops before heading back home. I'm now sat on the sofa writing up a few blog posts and scheduling them for the coming weeks and he's sat at his desk in the next room doing some emails for work.

14:00 // Taking a little break from blogging by listening to Paul Simon and having a bit of a sing-along. Doing a bit of revision this afternoon as well as attempting to draft a couple more posts. 

21:00 // Early night tonight. Got a bit of a disappointing grade back so I spent the rest of the afternoon emailing my lecturer to see what I can do to improve.


9:00 // So ready for today! I'm seeing my grandparents for the first time in months! I'm going shopping with my nan and going to theirs for lunch. I'm then going Christmas shopping with my mum in the evening for some last minute gifts! Just about to jump into the shower and get ready to go so will update this post in a few hours!

13:00 // Had a lovely morning with my nan! We went to my small hometown and I treated her to a coffee. We chatted for ages and then did a bit of last-minute Christmas shopping! I'm back at my grandparents' house now and it's so good to see them after so long apart!

17:00 // Today was lovely and it was so nice to spend some quality time with my grandparents! We had lunch together, I gave them their gifts (which they loved) and we went through some old photographs together! Grandad has dropped me off at my parents' house and now I'm just waiting for my mum to get home so that we can go Christmas shopping!

20:30 // I'm back at my parents' house and eating my lunch. Mum and I managed to pick up all of the last minute gifts that we needed, which is such a relief! I bumped into a friend who I haven't seen in months which was such a lovely surprise! I even managed to pick out a little gift for myself from Boots, which mum has now put away ready for Christmas day! Just spending this evening sat on the floor in front of my parents, wrapping presents while they watch the television. 


7:00 // Heading out early this morning to go back to Manchester for some appointments. I will be back in Wales on Christmas Eve, but until then I have to work and attend my appointments!

11:00 // Finally back in Manchester and in my favourite veggie cafe doing some blog catch-up! I love it here, it's so calm and the food and coffee are so good! Especially the lemon drizzle cake, wow! I will have to head over to my counselling appointment in about an hour and then do some work in uni before my GP appointment.

14:00 // Just sat at uni doing some work. It's such a grey and miserable day in Manchester today! So grim! Looking forward to seeing my guy later though, before he goes away for Christmas! My counselling appointment went really well and I am so proud of myself for the progress I am making with my mental health!

18:00 // My guy is over and we're having a nice chilled out evening before he goes away for a while! Going to miss him loads but I can't wait for us to start the New Year as a couple and get to go on more dates, rather than being so tired and just chilling out at mine!


8:00 // Just got up and saying goodbye to the boyfriend before he goes away for Christmas and New Year. Super sad about how long he's going away for, even though I know that 3 weeks is nothing! He's leaving at 9:30ish and then I'm going to get up and drag myself to a cafe to do some studying just so I have a reason to leave the house! 

12:00 // Finally heading out of the house! I was putting it off for ages because I'm feeling very slow and a bit crappy today but when I'm in a low mood like this then I need to get myself out of the house, no matter how much I just want to crawl back into bed and shut myself away! I am heading to my favourite little cafe with my laptop and study materials. 

14:00 // Ugh, my favourite cafe and study space was closed! I ended up in Cafe Nero which is a bit more expensive but I didn't want to just head straight home after walking all the way here. I grabbed a cappuccino and I've been sat here studying for the past hour and a half. Grabbing another drink now and going to finish up my studying and head home at about 3:30 to get some chores done and hang with my housemate who is also still here in the uni house due to retail work!

23:00 // Had a lovely evening with my friend, we just chilled out and ate quite a lot. I managed to get all my laundry done and I'm ready for a full day at home tomorrow just to clean and pack for my Christmas trip back to Wales!


10:00 // I slept in! It was so good but now I feel lethargic because I slept too much! I cannot win! Getting up and making a start on cleaning the bathrooms before having a proper chillout and watching a film! First, though, I am digging into Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba!

14:00 // I watched The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe for the first time in so long and it was magical! I managed to get the bathrooms cleaned and half-packed my bag so I'm feeling pretty productive! I'm going to do a bit of writing and studying and then have a very relaxed night watching Buzzfeed Unsolved!

19:00 // So my dinner plan fell through! My cheap ready meal was inedible and disgusting so I've ordered takeaway (it's okay, it was payday today)! I've ordered a starter platter, paneer saag, and a Peshwari bread from my favourite restaurant and I am so excited! I'm going to eat this, finish packing, and have a very early night ready for work tomorrow! I'm taking my friend out for lunch before work tomorrow because she is going through a tough time


7:00 // Last workday before Christmas! I'm having a slow morning and doing a bit of mindfulness before having a long shower, getting dressed, and heading into town to take my friend to Krispy Kreme for lunch once she gets out of work at 12:30.

13:50 // Krispy Kreme was super great! Had a strawberry gloss doughnut and an iced coffee and it was so naughty but so good! I ran over to Superdrug to grab some essentials and now I'm in the staff room at work ready to go down for my shift! It's going to be so busy and stressful but I'm heading back to my student house and being picked up from there by my dad, who is taking me home for Christmas!

17:45 // Quick half an hour break! Work is hectic and stressful but I'm just thinking about how excited I am to head home for Christmas and it's pulling me through the shift! It's going to be stressful rushing home to be picked up but so worth it!

21:10 // On the bus home and quickly updating this post because I'm unsure of whether I will be able to update after this as I will be heading straight to bed once I get back to Wales as I need to get up at 6am tomorrow!


6:30 // IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE! I am so excited to travel from North Wales to Oxford for the day to visit relatives and bring back my grandparents who will be staying for Christmas! Leaving in half an hour so I'll let you know if I manage to shower, dress and do a full face of makeup while managing to get out of the house on time!

8:30 // I managed to get out on time! I did my full face of makeup in around 5 or 10 minutes which I am pretty proud of! We're making good progress towards our destination and have stopped for breakfast. My brother and dad have got a McDonald's breakfast and I popped to Costa for a toastie and a cappuccino. We're heading straight back onto the road and will hopefully make it to Oxford by half 10!

10:30 // We made it! We're picking up my grandparents and heading over to my auntie's house to see my aunt, uncle, and three cousins! I'm super excited as we haven't all been together at the same time since last Christmas! Signing off until this evening so that I can enjoy this time with my family so I will update later! 

18:00 // At home and ready to chill out all evening and get ready for Christmas day! I'm doing some evolutionary psychology revision and then having an early night! It has been such a long and tiring day but such a joyful one! Merry Christmas lovelies!!

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