Wednesday, 31 January 2018

So, exams are FINALLY over! I am so relieved, it feels like such a weight off my chest. The day after my final exam, I took a day's holiday from work and went into town with my lovely friend to do some bank account damage! We both agreed that this is our last major spending day in a long time as we both need to save some money so we kind of went all out! Here are the goodies that I picked up!

Firstly, I thought I would throw this into the haul because I am super excited about it! I have been raving about the last issue of Womankind magazine since I first picked it up and I have been eagerly awaiting the next issue and HERE IT IS! I am so excited to read this! I am in love with this magazine due to its range of topics and informative articles! I picked my copy up from WHSmith for £3.99.

All of these goodies are from Primark! I picked up a sheet mask, rose shower jelly, moisturising skin oil (cheap Bio Oil dupe??) and some more lovely earrings! They are all cheap and cheerful and i'm super excited to try out that rose shower jelly, it smells delightful!

Pusheen goodies! I have somehow rekindled my love for everything Pusheen and I picked up a few bits and pieces! The socks are from Primark and I think they are just the cutest things! I bought the boxes from Scribbler in Manchester for 75% off! Super chuffed! I want to cook more and take food to uni and I can't wait to use these boxes.

I have also wanted these books for ages and I finally FINALLY got them. Nasty Women is a collection of essays and We Should All Be Feminists is a feminist essay. I'm really getting back into feminist literature and I really wanted to read more essays, I just feel like there is so much I have yet to learn and so much I need to read! Nasty Women was £8.99 from Waterstones and We Should All Be Feminists was £5 from Waterstones

I just had to go to Lush! I picked up a lovely chunk of Honey I Washed The Kids soap, an all-time fave. It smells so good and lasts so long! Going to cut off a good chunk to sit on my sink. I also decided to try out the Tea Tree Water toner water since I have heard good things and my skin is awful right now! Hoping it will help me to combat my stress spots!

How cute is this bag?? It was only £6 from Primark and is super cute! Recently I have been loving anything red so I was super excited to pick this up! Plus it's super fit for valentines and will look super cute on date night!

Finally, I picked up these three gems from Primark! This fluffy pillow is so cute and really nice quality and was only £3!! I bought this bath mat for £6 and I am using it as a rug at the end of my bed. I just love the look of it! Finally, this throw blanket which was in the background of all these photos was just £4 and is super soft!

I hope you enjoyed this lil post! Let me know what you have picked up lately! xo

Monday, 29 January 2018


  • Exam!! This afternoon I have my cognition exam and I am absolutely terrified! Despite the amount of work I have done, I feel so unprepared! Spending the morning revising in university before heading over to the exam building
  • The exam went fairly well! Going into to town with Chloe for some food (not sure what food yet) and a little bit of shopping! Just picking up a couple of storage baskets for my chest of drawers and bedside table organisation.
  • We went into Fred Aldous to look at stationery and I am so proud of myself for not blowing all my money on notebooks, no matter how tempting they were!

  • Chloe and I went to The Bagel Shop in Manchester and had the most amazing sundaes! I had a hot cherry pie sundae and she had a mud pie sundae! I am obsessed, the food there is so good and even though I am super full, I really want more! We then popped into Thunder Egg, the Arndale and, of course, Primark! What i'm most excited for though, I bought some books from Waterstones!! I managed to get all the storage baskets I need for organising my drawers later and now i'm about to walk ALL the way home from town. My feet are going to hurt so much!

  • Organised my underwear drawers and my desk and now i'm doing some statistics revision. What a rollercoaster of a day! After revision, I am going to have an early night!!

  • Having a full day at the uni cafe revising for my statistics exam tomorrow, which I am super terrified for. I must admit, I struggle so badly with stats. I just can't get my head around it no matter how hard I try! I do not have a good feeling about this exam and I am a bit of a wreck mentally because of it. Scared my mental health is going to plummet in the next couple of days!
  • I had a stressful and productive day in the cafe and i'm trying to stay productive this evening. I am going to need a miracle to get through this exam! I was studying in my lovely friend's room and I cried over a meme. A MEME!


  • It's here! The day in the exam period which I have dreaded the most! This morning, I have had a panic attack in the uni loos and a lil cry in the cafe but I've decided to accept that it's too late to change anything now and that I should just go in and do my best. The worst thing that could happen would be if I had to resit in the summer!
  • A positive for the day - Chloe ordered a candle for me (I PayPal-ed her the money for it) and it has finally arrived! It smells so good and I love it so much!

  • Not going to talk about how that exam went, purely because I have no idea how it went, it's really hard to tell! I am off to Superdrug and then heading home to study for the next exam.
  • I am having a bit of a pamper evening, which is so overdue! Moisturising my arms and legs, going through my full skincare routine, doing a face mask and having an early night!

  • Having an actual day at home! Purely because I want to be at home during daylight so that I can get some blog pics done!
  • Got some blog pics and Instagram pics! Very happy with how they turned out and i'm excited to share them!
  • Revision went swimmingly! I managed to Quizlet all the lectures and i'm just taking some time to go through them all on there now! I use the site to put together the flashcards and then the app to quiz myself because I can just carry it around with me and continue to study wherever I am. For next semester I am considering putting together my sets on Quizlet as we progress through the lectures so that I have them all ready for next exam season.
  • Having a nice read and an early night, hoping to wake up refreshed and ready for the exam!

  • FINAL DAY OF THE EXAM PERIOD! Not only does that mean freedom, it also means that I get to see Will! I'm so excited just to hang out and watch Drag Race with him!
  • The exam went super well and i'm just heading into town with Chloe for lunch (we're always getting lunch)! Then, she's got a train to catch and i'm going to pop into some shops!
  • Oh my goodness! We went to Northern Soul Grilled Cheese and had the most amazing food! Chloe got a mac and cheese which looked incredible and I got the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever eaten! 

  • Chloe went to catch her train and I headed to WHSmith for the latest issue of Womankind Magazine, which I am super excited to get stuck into! I also popped into work and asked my manager to look at my request for time off, which she has now approved so that I have a day off tomorrow! 
  • Got home and had a lovely bath and read for a while. Then I tidied my room and I am now waiting for Will to come over to watch drag race and order food with me!
  • We ordered so much pizza and i'm so content! I love the dough balls from this takeaway, they are my favourite food at the moment! We're watching season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race (i've already seen it but he's getting into it)! What a lovely way to end a long day!

  • A DAY OFF! I am so happy to have a day off and to spend it with my lovely friend in town having a girly day! One last 'treat yo self' day before I get strict with my budgeting now that exams are over! 
  • Had the most wonderful day! Spent a bit too much but it's fine! It's been a tough week! We're heading home to cook dinner and watch a movie now which should be good! It feels so good to not have to study!
  • This evening was super chilled! We watched some comedy and then some drag queen videos and now we're both getting an early night! I have to be up for work in the morning, unfortunately! Doing a 9-6 shift on the shop floor which is going to be so tiring!

  • Up extra early so that I can grab a coffee before work, I am going to need all the caffeine that I can get! I've packed my lunch and i'm just ready to get this day out of the way!
  • Lunchtime! Work is hectic in the department since we're doing a big move but other than that it's okay. Just getting on with it and hoping that the second half of the shift flies by as fast as the first!
  • Out of work and Will has greeted me at the staff door! We were going to go out for food but i'm completely exhausted so we're grabbing snacks and having another movie night, which should be wonderful!
  • Had a lovely chilled evening and now i'm just getting ready to have an early night, ready for the start of semester 2 tomorrow morning! 

Thank you for reading! I hope you had a lovely week! xo

Friday, 26 January 2018

I am a big fan of meditation and mindfulness. I used to attempt to meditate when stressed in high school and college but fell out of the habit fairly soon because I was of the mindset that if I was doing something other than studying, I was wasting my time. Nowadays, I know that this mindset is damaging and wrong and so I try to set aside a good amount of time for self-care. One of my favourite methods of self-care is mindfulness. I fell back in love with mindfulness when I was attending a low-mood therapy group, run by my university counselling service. My counsellor/therapist recommended me to the group when I first started attending counselling with her and I turned up, reluctant that group therapy would help me, but hopeful nevertheless. At the end of each of the group sessions, our group therapist would tell us all to get comfortable and close our eyes before she ran us through that session's mindfulness practice.

The feeling that comes from mindfulness is hard to explain and I imagine it is different for each of us. For me, mindfulness makes me feel rested and very calm. I feel carefree and almost as though I am suspended in the space around me, and that nothing else is happening in that moment other than the practice. This feeling mostly comes when I am attending a mindfulness class with the person leading the practice in the same room as me and surrounded by others practising mindfulness with me. However, I have found apps to also be incredibly useful to get in the practice at home!

The way in which mindfulness helps me in my recovery and control of my depression is how it treats thoughts and feelings. You have a negative thought or feeling, such as self-doubt, you acknowledge that it is there and that it is okay to think or feel like that in the moment, but you do not have to accept it. It is about noticing the thought or feeling without automatically accepting it. By practising mindfulness more, I hope to apply this ability to notice and acknowledge my negative self-beliefs without accepting them and taking them as truth.

My favourite mindfulness apps

This is possibly the most well-known mindfulness app out there! It has some free features but it's really really good on the full subscription. My friend paid for a full year and gave me a code for a free month of the full package and I'm so gutted that it's about to run out because all the programs that I find really helpful are in the paid version and I can't afford it at the moment! I love the range of programs available on the paid version of the app and I love that you can set a reminder for the app to get you to meditate each day!

The free version of this app is wonderful. There is a good range of programs and the app is super easy to use. However, as with Headspace, you need to pay to get the full potential of the app. One feature of this app which is not found on Headspace is its music section, which features a collection of instrumental tracks lasting about an hour each. They are categorised with purposes such as 'sleep', 'focus' and 'relax' and there are a handful from each section which are available on the free version of the app. Another feature is its Sleep Stories feature, which is a section full of bedtime stories "to help you fall into a deep and natural sleep". I usually fall asleep to podcasts but this is a lovely idea with a similar approach! They are all narrated with soothing voices, especially the one narrated by Stephen Fry!

This app has a lovely layout! It has three main sections; 'meditate', 'breathe', and 'wisdom'. In the meditate section you can choose your discipline, instructor voice, and the duration of the meditation. This allows you to meditate flexibly, making your session as short or long as you have time for. The breathe section features three breathing exercises to calm, awaken, or heighten concentration. It features live instructions along with a visual representation of the breaths to keep you on track with the exercise. I have found this feature to be very useful! Finally, the wisdom section contains videos and audios with advice and lessons on meditation, excessive thinking, and the world around us. The most individual feature of the app, however, is the home screen. It features, at first, a sapling. The more you meditate, the more the plant grows until you have grown a tree.

This app is a gem! The first thing you do when you enter this app is check in with yourself. The screen dims for 10 seconds while you close your eyes and think about how your mind and body feel. You let the app know how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. They then recommend exercises for you based on your results. This includes meditation, breathing exercises, soundscapes, walks, and more. This is super easy to use and is currently my favourite app for mindfulness and self-care! I think it's super useful to check in with my emotions before diving into a mindfulness activity and it gives you a wide range of recommendations based on your check-in, so you have plenty of options!

To Be Continued

I am about to attend an 8-week intensive mindfulness course (combined with CBT) through my university counselling service. I will update you all with my progress through my weekly Pull Yourself Together posts and I will definitely do a follow-up to this post after I have completed the course and have an even more in-depth knowledge of mindfulness!

Let me know if you have any app recommendations or if you try out one of these! I hope that you are all well and that you enjoyed this post!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

For years I have been trying to find my style. I was an emo in high school, a bit more experimental in college (hello rose gold fake docs and cute short hair) and now I'm a bit all over the place. I feel that now I'm in my twenties (oh goodness), I should really pin down a style or at least be consistent in my apparel!

I bet you're wondering if I dug up some old photos for the sake of this post... Yes, I did. The things I do for you! The first image was taken in September 2013 and the second was taken in January 2016. To be fair, I do really miss having short hair sometimes, I loved it so much!

This post will be a few musings on my personal style, a wishlist and a compilation of my favourite bloggers/YouTubers/celebrities who I look up to in terms of style.

My style

So, I've gone through so many different phases and looks that my style is all over the place! Recently, I have been super busy and so have been opting more for comfort than anything else. I live in black jeggings and baggy jumpers. In terms of makeup and beauty, I have been neglecting my face a bit. This has left me feeling pretty unconfident and uncomfortable in my skin. I want to make more of an effort in my day-to-day appearance as I feel so much more confident and ready to tackle the world when I am well dressed and have even minimal makeup on! I feel most confident in a comfortable but classic outfit, well dressed from head to toe but also snug, warm and unrestricted by my clothing. A sneaky jegging, a warm jacket, a high-neck jumper, and a coat of mascara. In 2018 (I cannot believe it's already here) I hope to build up somewhat of a capsule wardrobe. To find a way to look good and dress well on my student budget!


This wishlist is full of beautiful pieces which I mostly cannot afford. It is a list of items I would either like to buy or like to find a cheaper dupe of...


How could I kick off a list of the ladies that inspire me without mentioning Anna from The Anna Edit??  Her classic style is timeless and she makes it appear effortless! The style section of her website is my constant source of inspiration, as well as her Instagram feed and YouTube videos.

Another blogger who's style I absolutely adore is Samantha Maria. I have enjoyed her YouTube videos and blog for years and I have loved watching her style evolve.

I love Keira Knightley's street style. Even when in baggy jeans or the comfiest clothes, she still looks classy and elegant. I do not understand this sorcery but I would love to be able to look as put together as her all the time!

Get It On is a podcast by Dawn O'Porter. It features chats about fashion with many household names and successful people, male and female! Her list of awesome guests include Dermot O'Leary, Amanda Palmer, Jameela Jamil, and the fabulous Dawn French (my ultimate hero)! Dawn is a wonderful host and the interviews are fun, enlightening, and often hilarious! I would definitely recommend as it gives me so much insight into the fashion of others and provides a bit of inspiration!

Finally, Fearne Cotton has an amazing style! Her Insta feed is full of cute and quirky outfits and garments and her outfits on the red carpet are to die for! Dressed up or dressed down, she always looks effortless and incredibly stylish!

Thanks for reading! Who are your style inspirations?

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

  • First exam this morning! I'm heading over early so I have plenty of time to spare before the exam to read over some last minute notes!
  • The exam went pretty well! Heading over to the veggie cafe near campus for some stew for lunch before I head home to revise for tomorrow
  • Got home and started revising for tomorrow! Ordering bagels from Bagel Factory because I am CRAVING some good bagels!

  • My exam today is in the afternoon which means I have all day to get more and more anxious about it! I am fairly confident with the material but there are only two essay questions I am totally prepared for! Hopefully one of them comes up!
  • So BOTH of the essay questions I wanted to come up on the exam came up! The exam went as well as it possibly could have gone!
  • Super tired so i'm taking a break this evening to watch Kill Bill with Will because he's never seen it!

  • In the psychology building cafe early this morning to revise for next week. Also planning to write a bit and make some blog plans for later this year!
  • A new post went up this morning! It's a Bookish post with some book recommendations just so I can share my faves!

  • Another day in the psych building! A load of my coursemates have an exam today so i'm aiming to offer some moral support and also to see my favourite lecturer for a chat and to finally pick up my ASOS parcel which should arrive at my pick-up point today! Exciting times!
  • Got quite a bit of studying done and I picked up my parcel which is super exciting! I cannot wait to try everything on!
  • Everything fits and the outfit I bought is super cute! So chuffed! I bought THIS* polka dot top from Monki, THIS* skirt from ASOS, THIS* pair of sunglasses from ASOS and THIS* The Ordinary skincare product (which I have been waiting to try for so long)!
  • After studying all day, Chloe and I went to Whitworth Art Gallery and had a lovely wander, which was such a lovely wind-down after a stressful few days!
  • Chloe and I went to Cafe Nero and then I met another friend who came back to mine to watch this week's Riverdale episode as per our weekly tradition!

  • I used The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane last night after cleansing my face and woke up with such smooth skin! I know it's only been one use but I can see this becoming a fave!
  • A couple of my friends are visiting Manchester from out of town today and i'm super excited to go and see them for a while! It's been about a year and a half since I last saw them so it'll be so lovely to have a good catch up!
  • Had an iced coffee, picked up some goodies from Holland & Barrett and then rushed home after seeing my friends to revise for Monday's exam
  • Got some revision done and sorted my bag for work tomorrow
  • I started reading Inferior by Angela Saini and it's so interesting!

  • A bit of an emotional wreck this morning, just cried in the kitchen over nothing for longer than I care to admit! 
  • Revised quite a bit before work and managed to eat a good filling breakfast!!
  • Work was so slow and I spent most of it just stressing about how I should be revising
  • Will came over after I got back from work and we had a lil catch up since we have barely seen each other this week and then he left to let me get on with revision
  • Did a bit of revision before bed but I was pretty much falling asleep so I decided to call it a day a bit earlier than usual

  • Up early for work this morning, and then rushing home after work to study for tomorrow's exam!
  • Revision is going fairly well and i'm getting quite a bit done! Feeling a bit more ready for tomorrow now!
  • Cooked up some veggie burritos for dinner which were super yummy! 

Just one more week of exams and then my PYT posts will be back to their usual format! Thank you for being patient and understanding whilst I've been doing my exams! I have received so many well-wishes and so much support!

*affiliate links via. Shopstyle which will help me to earn a lil amount of money to put back into this blog!

Friday, 19 January 2018

Sometimes we just need an entire evening off! To switch off and recharge for a while! While it is always lovely to light a fancy candle and have a Lush bath, having a tight budget can prevent you from having these luxuries and even discourage us from giving ourselves a treat and a pamper! Fear not! Here are a few items which can help you to pamper yourself and have a proper 'treat yo self' evening without any guilt!

The bath

If you are fortunate to have a bath and haven't made use of it for a while, this is your sign to run those taps and create some bubbles. Let the warm water melt away the tension in your body created by stress and being on the go. If you have the budget for it, a Lush bath is always a fave (Twilight bath bomb, yes please)! However, having a Radox bath is just as good! A big bottle of Radox bath is only 98p at the moment in Superdrug and it smells so good! It creates loads of bubbles and fills the room with relaxing scents! Alternatively, this little Zoella bath set is on offer for just £1.99 in Superdrug and is a nice bathtime treat with bath milk powder and bath tea bags!

In the bath, take the time to pamper your skin! Exfoliate away all your dead dry skin and leave the bath with baby-soft skin and a clear mind! I found this lovely scrub in Primark on sale for just £1! After wanting to pick it up for ages, I snapped it up and I cannot wait to use it in the bath on my pamper evening!

The surroundings

When you want to get into that relaxed frame of mind, your surroundings can make all the difference! Make sure that your room/flat/house is fairly tidy so you don't feel stressed about having to tidy it later. I let my room get so untidy when I am super busy and stressed and tidying it all up again and getting to be in tidy surroundings once more is such a great feeling and lifts my mood so much sometimes!

As a student, I am not allowed to have candles in my room, so I make up for it with a pretty ridiculous amount of fairy lights! All my fairy lights are the battery operated cheap ones from Primark. They are super affordable and do so much to a room! When I switch them on my room feels so much more pretty and cosy! Because I can't have scented candles, I always make sure I have a good reed diffuser in my room! My current diffuser is a fresh linen scented one from ASDA.

The treatments

Can't afford a fancy face mask? No problem! Primark has really upped their beauty section and they have a massive range of face masks for all skin types (not sponsored, I just work there so I see their products all the time)! I have a bit of a thing for rose scented products at the moment so I cannot wait to use the rose cleansing rinse off mask! Plus, 80p for a face mask is super great value!

Go through the whole works for your face, doing a complete skincare routine and pampering that lovely face of yours! I have a massive obsession with the rose water range by Garnier at the moment! Their products are super affordable and leave my face feeling wonderfully clean and taken care of!

Don't just pamper your face! Give your body a proper treat too! Superdrug has several super affordable ranges of body products and the products I have tried have never failed me! This big bottle of cocoa body lotion is £1.49 and is a lovely moisturising product at an incredible price! This hand cream was also £1.50 from Primark and smells lovely! Cheap and cheerful products are wonderful finds and great to pick up when you're on a tight budget!

The entertainment

Sit back and relax! The evening is yours! Do whatever you love most and feel no shame or guilt, you deserve a night off! For me, I would watch a film or two on Netflix, or maybe read some magazines, books and blog posts which inspire me so that I can rekindle my motivation and passion through reading about influential women, think up some new post ideas, or learn something new about one of my passions!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! I hope that it gave you some inspiration for the greatest cosy night in ever! Take care and let me know if there's any posts you would like to see in the Self Care 101 series! Always open to suggestions! xo

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Starting yet another series on this blog, but it's something a bit different! These are just a few book recommendations I have picked up, recently and not so recently! I have a massive passion for reading and I am excited to write a bit more about the books which have inspired me and affected me. These will be a mixture of genres and titles as I love so many very different books!

Get Your S**t Together // Sarah Knight

This was the first self-improvement(ish) book I fully got into and it started my obsession with this whole genre of books! In the coming posts, you will probably see a number of self-improvement books but this is the one that started my addiction! It is witty, hilarious and completely blunt and managed to really motivate me in my first year of university! Sarah Knight is brilliant and I cannot wait to read her other books because I know I will love them if they are anything like Get Your S**t Together!

Kitchen // Banana Yoshimoto

Kitchen is such a beautiful little book! It is made up of two stories, both about young women coping with loss and grief. It is easy to read and the narration has a beautiful simplicity to it. It takes the mundane and makes it magical. The way that the kitchen is seen as the life and soul of a home is so simple a concept, and yet Yoshimoto makes it feel extraordinarily beautiful!

The Secret History // Donna Tartt

You can tell how much I love this book by how battered my copy is from carrying it around with me so much! I have mentioned this novel when asked about my favourite book countless times, ever since I first read it a few years ago! It is a hefty but rewarding read about a group of eccentric classics students. It is hard to sum up this book without giving much away, but it features themes of murder and mystery and is entirely captivating! Such an incredible novel which is so skillfully written!

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair // Pablo Neruda

I love a good book of poetry and this one is just stunning! Pablo Neruda has an incredible way with words and you can really feel his poems. This is a super slim book so it is easy to carry around with you and to pull out whenever you fancy reading something or want some inspiration and something to think about.

This was a short and sweet post with just a few of my recommendations! Let me know if you have any recommendations as I am always looking for something new to read!! Thank you for reading, hope you have a lovely day! xo

Monday, 15 January 2018


My exams are about to start (when this gets published it will be the day of my first exam). Because of my busy study schedule and lack of time to keep updating a PYT post as usual, I will be posting about the highlights of my weeks for the next few weeks instead of a full diary post! I still wanted to get the usual scheduled PYT posts up so this is what I have come up with! I know these posts are some of the most enjoyed posts on my blog!

  • Fairly unfocused today! Would rather write than study so I figured I would spend some time scheduling posts for the next few weeks so I will have more time to revise when exams are closer
  • One week until my first exam!
  • Took some beautiful blog pics for tomorrow's extra post! Very excited to publish them!
  • Boyfriend is coming over to watch Friends and eat takeaway with me because i've been very stressed about exams

  • Study day at the psych building cafe! Will walked with me to uni because we started at the same time for a change (I went in early just so I didn't have to walk alone)! 
  • Got lots of work done and had a laugh with some friends
  • Extra post went up on the blog! The Body Shop perfume oil review! Super proud of the improvement in my blog photography lately! The pics look great!
  • Date night! We had dinner at Slug + Lettuce in Albert Square, drinks at Printworks, and then saw The Greatest Showman (which was absolutely amazing)!!

  • Study day in the psychology building cafe with a couple of friends again!
  • I have been listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack all day! It is incredible and is all I want to listen to for the next year! 
  • Spent the evening doing a bit of studying in my friend's room! We had such a laugh, she's so hilarious and lovely!

  • Had to take a sick day because I am feeling like utter garbage! While this may suck, it gives me an excuse to stay at home all day and take care of myself! 
  • Rose-ified my skincare for the day by using the Garnier Skin Active + Rose Water cleansing milk, toner and moisturiser, along with my new Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray! I also took some blog pics with the lovely products for my self-care 101 post on Sunday!
  • My angel (good friend) came home (to our uni house) from Norway after being home for ages and it was super lovely to see her after so long!!
  • Got some studying done despite being really ill!
  • My friend came upstairs and we studied together for a while before bed.

  • Left the house at 9, a fairly decent time
  • Had a wonderful coffee at Cafe Nero with a friend before heading over to Anchor Coffee House for a bagel breakfast!
  • Another bagel for lunch and a productive time at the cafe, studying for my evolutionary psychology exam
  • Bought a new Do book from Anchor Coffee House (again), read a couple of chapters and already captivated!
  • Chloe joined the study session which was wonderful! She is always a treat to hang out with!

  • Got up, took my meds and supplements and got straight down to work!
  • Had a lovely long shower
  • Understood an important court case in my history of forensic science module and was able to outline the whole thing on the phone with my mum without looking at my notes!
  • Printed some notes and studied on the bus to work, and in the work cafeteria before my shift!
  • Studied for a while when I got home from work, and then worked on another mental health post before bed!

  • Another Self Care 101 post went up today and I am super proud of it! It's all about self care in the exam season and you can go read it HERE if you think you would benefit from it!
  • Work was quiet so I got to relax a little bit
  • Terrified for tomorrow's exam but powering through with revision
  • Picked up some black heeled boots from Primark sales for £3 which is insane!!
  • My friend ordered a garlic bread from Dominos for me
  • Studied into the night, hoping that tomorrow goes well!

Thank you for reading! What do you think of this temporary format for the Pull Yourself Together posts? Should it become a permanent change or should I definitely switch back to the usual format after exams? xo

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