Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Podcasts I Have Been Loving

I have become such a sucker for podcasts! I never used to listen to them but since I started listening to them back in October/November I have fallen in love with them! I never realised how many podcasts are really out there and since starting to listen to them, I have found a small collection of podcasts which I could listen to over and over again! I am so open to any podcast recommendations too as I would love to find more podcasts similar to these!


When i'm at home, I mostly listen to podcasts in my room while i'm browsing and just sat around not doing much. I listen to them while i'm around the house doing my housework, it's just a really good way to pass the time and fill the silence. Most of the time, I download an episode before I leave the house because I walk everywhere and I just put my headphones on and it makes my walks to the bus or uni go so much quicker!

I mostly listen to these podcasts on the iPhone podcasts app, but I know that there are other podcast apps, such as Acast which I'm trying out today, and you can listen to some of these on Spotify too! After I've listed my faves, I'll check back in with my first impressions of Acast!

The Heart of It // Estee Lalonde

The Heart of It was the podcast which introduced me to this newfound obsession! I love the use of effects and music in this podcast, the range of topics covered, and Estee's passion for what she is talking about! I need more episodes, honestly! She is such a good speaker and I have already listened to this series twice over!

You can find this podcast on iTunes HERE

In Good Company // Otegha Uwagba

Otegha is the author of Little Black Book and the founder of Women Who and I have mentioned her already on this blog when I reviewed the book! She is such a hardworking and inspirational woman and her podcast is so so good! It is a monthly podcast aimed at working women and it is full of inspiration, motivation and great advice for women trying to make it in the working world! It features great interviews with hard-working women and a q&a section with Otegha. I cannot wait for the next episode!

You can find this podcast on iTunes HERE

Crime & Dine

This podcast is very new and is incredibly interesting! The podcast is a true crime series with a fantastic twist because it focuses on crimes with links to food. I have really enjoyed the first episode and I am so looking forward to the next! It is so interesting and dark! I have a big interest in true crime and I would love to find more true crime podcasts!

You can find this podcast on iTunes HERE

The Butterfly Effect // Jon Ronson

This podcast drew my attention immediately because I am a big fan of Jon Ronson! It's about the porn industry and the effects of Pornhub and the availability of free porn. Such an interesting podcast about a topic I hadn't really considered!

You can find this podcast on iTunes HERE

Make It Work // Phoebe Lovatt

This podcast is full of career inspo for aspiring working women and is hosted by the author of The Working Woman's Handbook, my current read which I am enjoying loads! You can tell that i'm aiming to draw inspiration from successful working women at the moment. I'm just setting out into the world as an almost-adult and so I'm trying to bring as many inspirational women onto my radar as possible to push myself to do better. This podcast is full of interviews and advice and is a great source of inspiration!

You can find the podcast on iTunes HERE

First impressions of Acast

This app is free on the app store (Apple, Google and Microsoft) and also available online! It's super easy to navigate and i'm actually finding it easier to find new podcasts that peak my interest on this app than the iPhone podcasts app! Maybe i'll do another one of these podcasts posts after finding so many that I want to start listening to on Acast! I've found that with the podcasts app, I find it to irritating to navigate. Just the little things just irritate me when using the app, but all the little issues I have found using that app are not present in the Acast app!

Have you got any podcast recommendations? I would love to hear from you!


  1. I have never listened to podcasts before but might check these out

  2. I've really been enjoying podcasts over the last few months so this list is really useful. I don't think I've ever listened to any of these! x


    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! Hope you like the podcasts! x

  3. Awesome, I’ve been looking for some new podcasts to listen to. Thank you!

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