Monday, 1 January 2018

Pull Yourself Together // Week 5


10:00 // It's Christmas day!! We have had a lovely morning so far, exchanging gifts and spending time together as a family! It was so wonderful to give all my gifts out to my close family and to see their reactions! Just getting ready now and my dad is off to fetch my grandparents from their hotel. Today, I'm just wearing a comfy Grinch sweater, black leggings, and some Grinch socks. Very coordinated!

15:00 // Christmas dinner time! My mum and I have been setting the table and preparing everything while dad has been cooking. My grandparents are over from the hotel and my other grandparents have just arrived and we're just spending some relaxed quality time together. Our gifts have been handed to the grandparents and everyone is super happy!

17:00 // Christmas dinner was insanely good! I am so full up and satisfied right now! We're just watching beauty and the beast and getting ready for a chilled and relaxed evening watching films and chatting. I may not update until I go up to my room for the night as I am making the most of this family time.

22:00 // What a lovely day! After a nice family afternoon, I am just sat in my room writing some blog posts! I am reviewing Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba, which I have just finished, and listening to her podcast. In fact, I'm having a bit of a podcast night. After another episode of this podcast, I'm planning on listening to an episode of Estee Lalonde's podcast and an episode of Jon Ronson's podcast. I'm finishing my TED talks post, scheduling last week's Pull Yourself Together post for tomorrow morning, and scheduling different posts for the next couple of weeks. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a blogging day and a day of lazily browsing Boxing Day sales!


10:00 // A late morning this morning as I have been online Boxing Day sales shopping from the comfort of my own bed! I have smashed the Debenhams sale and also picked up a much-coveted item from Amazon! Once I have finished my sales shopping (probably by the new year) I will put up a haul post of the goodies I have picked up! It's time to hop in the shower now so that I can get ready for the day!

16:00 // Having such a chilled blogging day! I have scheduled three posts so far today, I am on a roll! It's time to switch off the laptop for a while now to spend time with my family for the rest of the afternoon! We're going to have a buffet and watch Only Fools and Horses all afternoon!

19:00 // We have had a lovely afternoon watching comedy and eating lots. I have eaten way too much and I feel so so full! Listening to a podcast for a while just to have a break from socialising and then I will head back downstairs for the rest of the evening. I think I'm going to plan my day tomorrow because I need a good solid study day so that I don't fall behind in my exam prep!


9:30 // Later than usual to rise again! Staying with my parents ruins my attempts to be a morning person! I regress back to my teenage self, who struggled to get up by noon. Doing some blog designing this morning before heading out to help my mum with the food shop, watching a film with the family, and then having a study evening!

12:00 // I have completely redesigned my blog! I am so pleased with how it looks and pretty chuffed with myself for figuring it all out! I am way more satisfied with it now, I think it looks so much more put together and professional! I've just got out of the shower now, so I'm going to dry my hair and then head to the shops!

15:00 // Shopping done! Picked up a few bits and pieces for myself while I was there too because I cannot resist the sales! I will do a proper post about my sales finds so I won't spoil what I got! However, one item that I bought that wasn't on sale was the Happy Journal by Fearne Cotton! I am super excited to use it through 2018 as it has the most lovely little writing prompts! Time to curl up on the sofa, eat dinner, and watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 finally!

19:00 // The movie was so great! My family and I laughed so much throughout it! I'm back in my own room now getting ready to spend a few hours studying before getting back to my current read, The Working Woman's Handbook by Phoebe Lovatt. I'm getting motivated and ready for 2018!


10:00 // Having a writing morning, trying to get some posts written down to schedule for exam season. I started planning the new year in my new diary and I'm just so ready for this year to end! I want to start next year with a spring in my step, ready to tackle whatever 2018 throws at me!

14:00 // So today is being pretty uneventful! Just having a nice day at home with the family, ordering pizza later, and popping to Aldi to accompany mum. All in all, a pretty lazy day!

19:00 // Pizza was good but I am so so full! We're all just watching TV now and just spending an evening relaxing! I'm also on social media a lot talking to a lot of bloggers and readers and I am loving meeting you guys on Twitter and getting to know you! What a lovely bunch of people!


8:00 // Busy busy day today, but an exciting and lovely one! Firstly, I'm about to get ready and go to see one of my closest friends, who I haven't seen since the summer! I can't believe how long it has been and I can't wait to have a proper good catch up! Then, I'm going to the cinema with my family to see The Last Jedi FINALLY! After that, I'm picking up my bags from home and heading back to Manchester for work!

10:10 // About to leave the house and it's been snowing so I'm hoping I don't slip and fall on my way over the hill to town! All wrapped up and cosy and ready to brave the cold! Going for coffee and then a long walk, I will take pictures of the wonderful scenery!

13:00 // Coffee with my friend was wonderful and we went on a lovely long walk around the woods and hill near where I used to live. It was so nice to catch up and I wish I could go home and do it more often! Just going to finish my packing and rush to the cinema for the 2:10 showing of The Last Jedi!

17:00 // The Last Jedi was so good! Not as good as Rogue One, in my opinion, but pretty enthralling nonetheless! I'm on my way back to Manchester at the moment and feeling pretty blue about it. I wish I had more time to see some friends from home! However, going all the way back for the night on Sunday after work, to bring in the new year, and then back to Manchester early on Monday morning for work!

21:00 // Being back is pretty grim when all the housemates are out! My room is so cold that I am wearing gloves indoors but I'm just catching up with some podcasts, writing up a couple posts, and trying to get my room tidy after the packing mayhem before Christmas! When my friend gets home from work we're ordering pizza and hanging out for a while but I'm hoping for a pretty early night!

1:00 // It wasn't an early night, but it was a good night just catching up with my friend and eating doughballs. Good night!


8:00 // I don't want to get up this morning but I should try to be a bit productive before work! In a hurry to draft my January blog posts because as soon as we enter the new year I am getting my head down and revising for my exams intensely! As soon as the lighting is right, I'm going to get some blog photography done but for now, I'm just writing!

12:30 // So this morning was a productive morning indeed! I've got a couple really nice posts scheduled, another couple in the works, and quite a bit of blog photography and editing done! Off to have a nice hot shower before I get my work bag ready and set off!

16:00 // I went into town for work a bit early to have a nice catch up with Chloe (MySecondAttempt) at Krispy Kreme. Was lovely as usual! Just got to work now and getting ready to go down to the shop floor.

21:00 // On the bus home from work, it was a short shift and it went super quickly. I'm super tired so as soon as I get home I am going straight to bed!


6:45 // It's New Year's Eve! I'm working all morning and early afternoon, then grabbing a few things from the Primark sales and heading to my parents' house to greet the new year!

8:45 // Sat in Starbucks with a lovely coffee and a book! It's so quiet and peaceful and I would really rather not go to work! I love Sunday mornings in town! It's so empty and calm for once! Heading over to work in half an hour but for now, i'm going to enjoy the calm and wait for my work friend to arrive!

16:00 // Heading home to Wales! Work went super quickly again and before I knew it, I was running around Primark grabbing every bargain in sight! I bought a couple of date-night outfits because I needed to own something other than jeans and jumpers! I also picked up some more false nails, some socks, and a £3 bra from the sale! It's going to be a quiet night tonight! My family never really do much for New Years, we just like to spend it relaxing together!

21:00 // Being home again is lovely! My brother and I are playing Lego Star Wars together like we used to! Once we get to 10:00, I'll head downstairs to watch Graham Norton with my parents and then all the New Year's music like always! I'm going to sign off here by wishing you all a lovely 2018! I hope that this year is the best yet!


  1. Love the idea of this blog series! Kind of like a weekly vlog, but as blog posts, right? ☺️ Glad to hear you had a good week, and I'm very excited to see these haul posts from you in the future, pretty sure I'll be having to make a quick trip to Primark after

    - Milli

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it's a weekly diary so that I can keep myself on track but also look back and see what i've been up to and what i've accomplished! <3

  2. I always love reading diary-like posts like these. It was a lovely view into your life. 😊 thanks for sharing!

    My Passion Projects

  3. I felt the same way about The Last Jedi. Not as good as Rogue One but still pretty good

    1. Maybe I just love Rogue One so much that nothing else really compares haha <3

  4. I had such a lazy week! I don't even think I got dressed a couple of days! I love the idea of a weekly overview like this x


    1. You're allowed to have a lazy week! It's the holidays! So glad you enjoyed the post! x


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