Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Pull Yourself Together // Week 6

Week 6 of these posts already!! I can't believe it!!


6:30 // Already up for work! After spending New Year's at home, I'm catching a lift from Wales to Manchester for a 9:30 shift! I am so thankful to my dad for offering to drive me all the way to and from Wales so that I could welcome 2018 with my family! Speaking of welcoming 2018, happy new year!! I can't believe 2017 is already over!

9:00 // I have just sat down in the locker room at work, ready for 8 hours on my feet! Apparently, we're expecting work to be super quiet today as people spend New Year's Day at home with their families, so unless I find lots of jobs to do, the shift will pass so slowly!

14:15 // Lunchtime! I am on lunch with my supervisor (and close friend) so we're both heading out for food together! I'm grabbing a Starbucks because I need the caffeine! I am so lucky that I get a full lunch hour so I can get some fresh air and coffee! In my last job, I wouldn't leave the building until the end of my shift!

19:00 // I am finally home! I finished at 17:30 but had to walk all the way home because my bus wasn't running! So after the hour-long walk home, I am absolutely exhausted! While I was on my way home, a man started driving slowly past me and I looked up and accidentally made eye contact with him. He stopped his car on the pavement and honked his horn behind me but I kept walking. He proceeded to turn his car around on somebody's driveway and drive up to me again, this time alongside me. He rolled down his window and called out to me from his car. He was pretty much following me and I was freaked out and pretty much legged it home! He didn't follow me onto the side-streets but I am still a bit anxious! My friend is coming over to stay in a while to chill out and chat anyway so I won't be home alone all night. That was pretty freaky though!


7:00 // Good morning! Ready to have a productive day! My friend who stayed over is still asleep so while they're asleep I'm going to catch up on my emails in bed and wait for them to wake up!

10:00 // They finally woke up! We're both planning to hang out again a bit later and study but they've gone home to get their laptop and study materials while I put some makeup on and tidy up a bit! I'm planning on splitting my day between blogging and study as I am trying to schedule posts for exam season. I would like to stick to my schedule even through exam season so I am getting prepared!

12:00 // A couple of friends and I are just studying in my room. I'm not the most productive but I'm definitely getting some revision done! We were planning to go food shopping but it's looking unlikely as the weather is utterly awful! I guess we'll just wait and see!

16:00 // After a bit more work and a lot of chatting, I am doing some blog prep and also trying out StumbleUpon as a blog-promoting tool. It's working crazy well and my stats are kind of unbelievable at the moment! I think I might purchase a domain this evening and change my blog URL to .co.uk instead of .blogspot.co.uk. It's something I've been thinking of doing for a long while!

18:00 // I did it! My domain has been changed and I am so excited! My friends and I are digging through the freezer and pulling out all the food we need to use up before our new year eating habits are properly put into place! That means a massive party-food dinner and I am super excited! We have all kind of given up on productivity and we're probably just going to chill out and chat for the rest of the night before bed!


11:00 // Boy, did I oversleep! I am slightly ashamed that I slept through my alarm but I guess I really needed those extra hours of sleep! Pushing the guilt aside, I am going to take some blog photos before having a shower, getting some study done, and scheduling another post!

13:00 // After a pretty late start to the day, I am finally making a start on my revision! I have chosen a light topic for today because I have a massive headache and am feeling very foggy! I'm going to do as much studying as I can, then switch to blogging, and then treat myself to a couple of episodes of Friends! the post that went up on the blog this morning (which you can check out HERE) is doing really well and I'm really pleased with the responses I'm getting from it!

16:00 // I finished my little study session and managed to take photos for and polish a couple blog posts. I am so bad at nearly finishing posts and then not getting round to scheduling them but I now have 5 scheduled for the coming weeks, not including my Pull Yourself Together posts! I am going to make some rice, throw my second load of laundry into the washing machine, and watch a couple of episodes of Friends before The Blogger Crowd twitter chat this evening!

21:00 // The twitter chat was lovely and I managed to find a few new people to follow and chat to which is great! The topic was resolutions and it gave me a great chance to reflect on my resolutions, past and present. I was even reminded that it's been 2 years since I went veggie and the fact that I have been able to keep that up makes me a little bit proud of myself! Also, I realised that this is the first year I have not made weight loss one of my biggest goals and the fact that I am learning self-acceptance brings me endless joy! Time to cosy up and catch up on some YouTube videos before bed! Wishing today was more productive, but there's always tomorrow!


9:00 // Up and getting ready to go meet Chloe in town for a cute lil blogging day! She's always a treat to hang out with and hopefully, we'll be fairly productive!

12:00 // Chloe has taken me to Foundation Coffee House for our first stop of the day, which is wonderful! This is such a great place to get some work done and the coffee is so so good! I am always looking for more coffee places in Manchester where I can get productive and this is definitely a new favourite!

14:30 // I have now taken Chloe to MY favourite coffee house, Anchor Coffee House in Rusholme! She is in love with this place (same) and we can't get enough of the bagel magic they work here! Honestly, the best bagels EVER! This afternoon I've been writing a guest blog for Just Moved To about productive places and it's super fun to write and visit all my favourite places to take the pics and drink good coffee! What a lovely day! We also popped to Superdrug to pick up a few bits and pieces and I ended up picking up a new lip exfoliator and a palette. Can't wait to play with these!

17:00 // I am home finally! Time to try to get a bit of uni work done before dinner and Friends bingeing! I was super productive blogwise today and it was such a great afternoon!!


9:00 // Having a full day at home today! Hoping to get some Evolutionary Psychology revision done so I may not update this post much! I am planning to use the Forest app (post on productivity apps coming soon, maybe) to track how much I get done so that I keep today fairly social media free!

14:00 // So I have been struggling with motivation a bit but i'm managing to push through it now and to get some studying done which is a relief!

17:00 // Told myself I wasn't going to do this, but i'm ordering burritos for my friend and I! We're struggling to concentrate and don't have any food in the house so i'm going to cave on the 'no takeaway' rule and get Barburrito. Why am I like this??

19:00 // Okay so the burritos were worth it and we got more work done on a full stomach! I intend to study until i'm too tired to keep my eyes open! Sorry for a not-so-interesting day! Not really much to report! I'm looking forward to getting through this weekend because my boyfriend gets back from a long trip on Sunday!


9:00 // Having a treat yo' self day before work today! I don't start until 16:30 so i'm going to go into town early to take pictures for a post i'm putting together for Just Moved To and also doing a bit of shopping! I'll update this post throughout the day because it's a lil more interesting than yesterday! Looking forward to the boyfriend getting back tomorrow too! Aside from work, this weekend is looking wonderful!

13:00 // So i'm in town and I've already spent some money! I got a new mug and the Mario Badescu facial spray (finally) from Urban Outfitters and I also ran into WHSmith for the latest issue of Womankind Magazine. I am currently sat in Costa with a mushroom and cheese toastie, a cappuccino and my new mag! Having a wonderful and solitary day! My favourite! After this, I am going to The Body Shop and probably a few more shops before sitting in Waterstones Deansgate to do some brainstorming.

15:00 // So I spent more than I intended to today but treat yo' self! I had a bit of money left over from Christmas so it's okay! I went to Scribbler, The Body Shop, Oliver Bonas and Paperchase! I'm now in Deansgate Waterstones in an armchair. I have taken all my blog photos so i'm just brainstorming for post ideas! I'm focussing on Self Care 101 posts and mental health posts and I have so many ideas! It's time to head over to work now (ew) and then rush home after work to tidy my horrendous room! I am ashamed of how messy it is!

23:00 // I'd be lying if I said my room is completely tidied! However, I have (mostly) tidied it up and sorted my trash to go out tomorrow (so much trash). I am knackered and I am going to bed immediately! It has been such a long and great day!


8:00 // I am already on the bus to town. Starting work at 9 because i'm stupid and told my manager that I would come in early! I am absolutely exhausted after tossing and turning for most of the night unable to sleep. However, today is going to be wonderful! I am going into work (not so wonderful) and then grabbing a few bits and pieces from Primark and heading home to see my guy, who is travelling back to Manchester today. I am so excited, it's pretty pathetic.

8:55 // Grabbed a Starbucks and now i'm ready to go down to the shop floor. We're moving my entire department today and I am TOO TIRED for this.

14:30 // On my way out of work and heading back into the store to buy a few things before going home. I 'need' a new storage basket and some nails. Then, i'm heading back home to try to get some work done before Will gets back in the evening.

22:00 // Good evening! Will is over and i'm so so happy to see him again! I missed him so much! He's never watched Friends so we're going to spend the evening watching that and eating pizza! Perfect night in!


  1. I love these kind of diary posts! Everything you bought sounds so lovely, I really want to try that facial mist! I adore the shop Thunder Egg in Manchester, I wish we had something like that near us :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)

    1. Thank you so much!! I love Thunder Egg! Such a great store! x


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