Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Pull Yourself Together // Week 8

  • First exam this morning! I'm heading over early so I have plenty of time to spare before the exam to read over some last minute notes!
  • The exam went pretty well! Heading over to the veggie cafe near campus for some stew for lunch before I head home to revise for tomorrow
  • Got home and started revising for tomorrow! Ordering bagels from Bagel Factory because I am CRAVING some good bagels!

  • My exam today is in the afternoon which means I have all day to get more and more anxious about it! I am fairly confident with the material but there are only two essay questions I am totally prepared for! Hopefully one of them comes up!
  • So BOTH of the essay questions I wanted to come up on the exam came up! The exam went as well as it possibly could have gone!
  • Super tired so i'm taking a break this evening to watch Kill Bill with Will because he's never seen it!

  • In the psychology building cafe early this morning to revise for next week. Also planning to write a bit and make some blog plans for later this year!
  • A new post went up this morning! It's a Bookish post with some book recommendations just so I can share my faves!

  • Another day in the psych building! A load of my coursemates have an exam today so i'm aiming to offer some moral support and also to see my favourite lecturer for a chat and to finally pick up my ASOS parcel which should arrive at my pick-up point today! Exciting times!
  • Got quite a bit of studying done and I picked up my parcel which is super exciting! I cannot wait to try everything on!
  • Everything fits and the outfit I bought is super cute! So chuffed! I bought THIS* polka dot top from Monki, THIS* skirt from ASOS, THIS* pair of sunglasses from ASOS and THIS* The Ordinary skincare product (which I have been waiting to try for so long)!
  • After studying all day, Chloe and I went to Whitworth Art Gallery and had a lovely wander, which was such a lovely wind-down after a stressful few days!
  • Chloe and I went to Cafe Nero and then I met another friend who came back to mine to watch this week's Riverdale episode as per our weekly tradition!

  • I used The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane last night after cleansing my face and woke up with such smooth skin! I know it's only been one use but I can see this becoming a fave!
  • A couple of my friends are visiting Manchester from out of town today and i'm super excited to go and see them for a while! It's been about a year and a half since I last saw them so it'll be so lovely to have a good catch up!
  • Had an iced coffee, picked up some goodies from Holland & Barrett and then rushed home after seeing my friends to revise for Monday's exam
  • Got some revision done and sorted my bag for work tomorrow
  • I started reading Inferior by Angela Saini and it's so interesting!

  • A bit of an emotional wreck this morning, just cried in the kitchen over nothing for longer than I care to admit! 
  • Revised quite a bit before work and managed to eat a good filling breakfast!!
  • Work was so slow and I spent most of it just stressing about how I should be revising
  • Will came over after I got back from work and we had a lil catch up since we have barely seen each other this week and then he left to let me get on with revision
  • Did a bit of revision before bed but I was pretty much falling asleep so I decided to call it a day a bit earlier than usual

  • Up early for work this morning, and then rushing home after work to study for tomorrow's exam!
  • Revision is going fairly well and i'm getting quite a bit done! Feeling a bit more ready for tomorrow now!
  • Cooked up some veggie burritos for dinner which were super yummy! 

Just one more week of exams and then my PYT posts will be back to their usual format! Thank you for being patient and understanding whilst I've been doing my exams! I have received so many well-wishes and so much support!

*affiliate links via. Shopstyle which will help me to earn a lil amount of money to put back into this blog!


  1. Aaaaaa that gallery looks amaze!
    Also, how lucky were you with that exam??! Congrats!
    Becca X


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