Monday, 29 January 2018

Pull Yourself Together // Week 9


  • Exam!! This afternoon I have my cognition exam and I am absolutely terrified! Despite the amount of work I have done, I feel so unprepared! Spending the morning revising in university before heading over to the exam building
  • The exam went fairly well! Going into to town with Chloe for some food (not sure what food yet) and a little bit of shopping! Just picking up a couple of storage baskets for my chest of drawers and bedside table organisation.
  • We went into Fred Aldous to look at stationery and I am so proud of myself for not blowing all my money on notebooks, no matter how tempting they were!

  • Chloe and I went to The Bagel Shop in Manchester and had the most amazing sundaes! I had a hot cherry pie sundae and she had a mud pie sundae! I am obsessed, the food there is so good and even though I am super full, I really want more! We then popped into Thunder Egg, the Arndale and, of course, Primark! What i'm most excited for though, I bought some books from Waterstones!! I managed to get all the storage baskets I need for organising my drawers later and now i'm about to walk ALL the way home from town. My feet are going to hurt so much!

  • Organised my underwear drawers and my desk and now i'm doing some statistics revision. What a rollercoaster of a day! After revision, I am going to have an early night!!

  • Having a full day at the uni cafe revising for my statistics exam tomorrow, which I am super terrified for. I must admit, I struggle so badly with stats. I just can't get my head around it no matter how hard I try! I do not have a good feeling about this exam and I am a bit of a wreck mentally because of it. Scared my mental health is going to plummet in the next couple of days!
  • I had a stressful and productive day in the cafe and i'm trying to stay productive this evening. I am going to need a miracle to get through this exam! I was studying in my lovely friend's room and I cried over a meme. A MEME!


  • It's here! The day in the exam period which I have dreaded the most! This morning, I have had a panic attack in the uni loos and a lil cry in the cafe but I've decided to accept that it's too late to change anything now and that I should just go in and do my best. The worst thing that could happen would be if I had to resit in the summer!
  • A positive for the day - Chloe ordered a candle for me (I PayPal-ed her the money for it) and it has finally arrived! It smells so good and I love it so much!

  • Not going to talk about how that exam went, purely because I have no idea how it went, it's really hard to tell! I am off to Superdrug and then heading home to study for the next exam.
  • I am having a bit of a pamper evening, which is so overdue! Moisturising my arms and legs, going through my full skincare routine, doing a face mask and having an early night!

  • Having an actual day at home! Purely because I want to be at home during daylight so that I can get some blog pics done!
  • Got some blog pics and Instagram pics! Very happy with how they turned out and i'm excited to share them!
  • Revision went swimmingly! I managed to Quizlet all the lectures and i'm just taking some time to go through them all on there now! I use the site to put together the flashcards and then the app to quiz myself because I can just carry it around with me and continue to study wherever I am. For next semester I am considering putting together my sets on Quizlet as we progress through the lectures so that I have them all ready for next exam season.
  • Having a nice read and an early night, hoping to wake up refreshed and ready for the exam!

  • FINAL DAY OF THE EXAM PERIOD! Not only does that mean freedom, it also means that I get to see Will! I'm so excited just to hang out and watch Drag Race with him!
  • The exam went super well and i'm just heading into town with Chloe for lunch (we're always getting lunch)! Then, she's got a train to catch and i'm going to pop into some shops!
  • Oh my goodness! We went to Northern Soul Grilled Cheese and had the most amazing food! Chloe got a mac and cheese which looked incredible and I got the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever eaten! 

  • Chloe went to catch her train and I headed to WHSmith for the latest issue of Womankind Magazine, which I am super excited to get stuck into! I also popped into work and asked my manager to look at my request for time off, which she has now approved so that I have a day off tomorrow! 
  • Got home and had a lovely bath and read for a while. Then I tidied my room and I am now waiting for Will to come over to watch drag race and order food with me!
  • We ordered so much pizza and i'm so content! I love the dough balls from this takeaway, they are my favourite food at the moment! We're watching season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race (i've already seen it but he's getting into it)! What a lovely way to end a long day!

  • A DAY OFF! I am so happy to have a day off and to spend it with my lovely friend in town having a girly day! One last 'treat yo self' day before I get strict with my budgeting now that exams are over! 
  • Had the most wonderful day! Spent a bit too much but it's fine! It's been a tough week! We're heading home to cook dinner and watch a movie now which should be good! It feels so good to not have to study!
  • This evening was super chilled! We watched some comedy and then some drag queen videos and now we're both getting an early night! I have to be up for work in the morning, unfortunately! Doing a 9-6 shift on the shop floor which is going to be so tiring!

  • Up extra early so that I can grab a coffee before work, I am going to need all the caffeine that I can get! I've packed my lunch and i'm just ready to get this day out of the way!
  • Lunchtime! Work is hectic in the department since we're doing a big move but other than that it's okay. Just getting on with it and hoping that the second half of the shift flies by as fast as the first!
  • Out of work and Will has greeted me at the staff door! We were going to go out for food but i'm completely exhausted so we're grabbing snacks and having another movie night, which should be wonderful!
  • Had a lovely chilled evening and now i'm just getting ready to have an early night, ready for the start of semester 2 tomorrow morning! 

Thank you for reading! I hope you had a lovely week! xo


  1. I love the way you set these out. It feels like I'm getting so much more detail than a standard written post. Sounds like you've had a very busy week! x


  2. You have really packed a fun week even with your exams still on. Really enjoyed the post and the pictures are awesome.


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