Wednesday, 28 February 2018

My Lush Faves

Lush is great! From the company ethics and ingredients to the products themselves, Lush is great! I have been using Lush products for years now and I have loved pretty much everything I have tried! Not even joking, I have not had a single bad Lush experience! In fact, once I met Michelle Visage in a Lush store so I guess I have the best experiences with Lush! (She was absolutely wonderful and bought a bath bomb I recommended)!!

Over the years, I have tried a wide variety of Lush products and i'm going to share them with you now! I don't have all of them currently (I don't have unlimited Lush funds, unfortunately) but I have photographed everything I can and I will link everything so you can check out the products on the Lush website!

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

Listen up! This stuff is magical! I often neglect my cuticles but whenever I use this they appear instantly replenished! It's a miracle! This little tub of lemony goodness also lasts forever because a little goes a very long way! It's not just for your cuticles too! This stuff works super well on the dry skin just about anywhere. In fact, I love to use it on my elbows when they get all dry and flakey! I love Lush potted products too because once you are done with the product, you can give 5 clean pots to your local Lush store and get a free fresh face mask!

Speaking of fresh face masks, BB Seaweed is the first on this list! It's a lovely mask full of great ingredients such as seaweed and calming aloe vera. It removes the excess oil from your skin and gently exfoliates, leaving your face feeling super soft and clean! This was the first fresh mask I bought from Lush and it's safe to say that it got me hooked on their skincare products! Bonus points for the fact that you feel like Shrek when you wear the green lumpy mask.

Tea Tree Toner Water

This toner is a more recent fave. It's a toner spray so it's super quick and simple to throw it on your face to freshen it up! It sinks into the skin super quickly and fights the oil and redness which I usually experience on my face surprisingly amazingly! I prefer this facial spray to any others I have used and I intend to keep repurchasing it once it has run out!

Cosmetic Warrior

At first, I was super hesitant to try this mask. It contains garlic and I was super sure that it would leave me feeling like I had just covered my face with aioli. However, this mask doesn't smell strongly of garlic and is an absolute wonder for oily and spotty skin! When I have a ton of deadlines or exams on the way, I pick up a pot of this mask to combat the stress breakouts and it does a world of good! It leaves my face feeling super clean and refreshed and really fights the breakouts well! Definitely my favourite mask!

Sleepy Body Lotion

Sleepy is a wonderful body lotion which smells strongly of lavender and tonka. When I am having a restless night, I rub this lotion over my arms or just my forearms and the smell sends me to sleep so nicely! It feels wonderful and I cannot emphasise enough how good it smells! No wonder it is so highly rated!

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

This is the prettiest and freshest bath bomb I have ever tried! It strongly smells of peppermint and cedarwood which wakes up the senses, clears the sinuses and leaves you feeling so refreshed and clean! It is a blue explosion of glitter in the bath and is such a special treat! I used to use this one weekly after a couple of weekend shifts working in a fast food restaurant kitchen. It was the only way I could feel fresh and not paranoid about smelling like the food I had been cooking all weekend!

Twilight Body Spray

I had wanted this spray for months and months! The other week when I was feeling like crap and wanted to treat myself, I finally bought it and WOW was it worth it! It smells strongly of lavender (my favourite scent) and tonka and leaves me feeling so relaxed! It would work great before bed but I love the smell too much so I wear this all day every day! It has great staying power and pretty much clings to all of my clothes! A definite favourite!

Whoosh Shower Jelly

In my first year at university, I lived in halls of residence and had an ensuite shower and no bath. I wanted to still treat myself to some Lush goodness so I picked up this shower jelly. And then I repurchased it again and again! This stuff smells so good, very citrusy! It is perfect in the mornings before uni when you just need to get up and go, feeling energised and refreshed as you jump out of the shower!

H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment

This hard-to-pronounce hair mask is a miracle! My hair has been damaged and lacklustre for so long but since I switched up my hair routine, including this and switching out my usual shampoo and conditioner, my hair is so different! After using this, my hair feels so much more healthy and sleek. Plus, it's easier to brush and way less high maintenance! As I said, this stuff is a miracle! It smells lovely and spicy, with hints of cinnamon!

Twilight Bath Bomb

A classic! This was the first Lush product I ever picked up! It smells, as you can expect from my previous faves, like lavender and tonka and makes your bathwater look like a beautiful galaxy of purple! Plus, it's so glittery! It looks magical! A bath in this is perfect on a restless night or after a long day when you just need to have a proper relax!

Helping Hands Hand Cream

I started using this hand cream when I was working in the fast food restaurant and was washing my hands SO much all the time! Even after work because I felt gross! This hand cream is intensively moisturising and it was originally made with nurses in mind! It takes a little while to sink in and I usually use it at night before bed, with Lemony Flutter on my cuticles so I wake up with lovely soft and moisturised hands!

My Lush Wishlist

These are the products from Lush that I am aching to try next!:

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think of the products I have mentioned and what your faves are! x


  1. I think I might have to pick up that toner because I could do with a new one, lovely photo set up aswell with the rose gold basket x
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  2. I too love comestic warrior, does wonders for my skin


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