Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Pull Yourself Together // Week 13

Another week, another Pull Yourself Together post! Hope you enjoy! x

  • Today is just a typical Monday! I'm going to uni, doing some work and I have a meeting! I feel a bit crap so I decided to put on some nice makeup and a nice outfit to make myself feel a bit more pulled together!
  • I got quite a bit of work done, posted last week's Pull Yourself Together post and now I've got a meeting with some friends i'm doing some peer support work with next academic year!
  • The meeting was super productive and we all sorted our roles within the scheme and set some plans in place! I am looking forward to seeing how this all works out! 
  • Chloe and I decided to get some food together so we headed over to Wetherspoons for some nice grub!
  • After spoons, Chloe and I had a quick trip to Superdrug and then I headed home to do some work before bed!

  • Busy busy day ahead! I'm heading to uni to do some work and then i'm helping out my psychology peer mentor scheme with a lab support session.
  • The support session went well and the first years seemed to be engaged and asked a few questions. After the event, I met with a friend and a lecturer to talk about the psychology peer mentor scheme and then had a very quick lunch.
  • I had a careers meeting with one of the psychology careers advisors and talked a bit about paid internships for the summer. I am desperate for an internship this summer and the meeting really helped!
  • After the careers meeting, I went to a networking event held by the university in which alumni who work in media were invited to talk and network with students. It was super interesting and I got to meet some very interesting people!
  • After the event, I hopped onto a bus into town and had a small dinner in Starbucks, before meeting up with a couple of friends in Byron for a milkshake.
  • We met with some more friends and went to see Black Panther. It was incredible and definitely a new favourite film!
  • After the film, we went home and had a couple of drinks before bed.

  • Early start this morning for a doctors appointment! I need to get some things sorted because my mental health is not the best again and I don't want to fall back into the way I was a few months ago.
  • The appointment went well and i'm now in Anchor Coffee House doing a bit of work and eating a lovely bagel! My favourite! I've come up with a couple of post ideas and started a post about free online learning because I know some good sites and want to share them with as many people as possible so everyone gets the chance to try them out!
  • After a couple of hours at Anchor, I got a bit restless so I headed over to the Whitworth Art Gallery to do some reading. It was a lovely change of scenery and i'm loving my current book! 

  • I then headed over to university for the most exciting part of the day! I have been helping a society to put together a mentoring scheme and we had our first training session this afternoon/evening! 
  • The training went so well and I am over the moon! Everything about this scheme is coming together and I love it!
  • After the training, I got a call from Chloe and our friend and they got me to meet them in town for Pizza Hut!! It was so good (even though those two argue so much) and I ended up so full and happy!
  • Once I got home, I just did some work in bed!

  • Not a very busy day here for once! Just heading to uni as usual to do a bit of work, then I have a seminar and then back to do some work! Meeting with a friend later but not sure what we'll get up to! The uni strikes begin today so I have no lectures to go to, which gives me some time to catch up on work.
  • The seminar went well, we got to choose our groups for some group work, and now i'm just waiting for my friend! We have decided to go see Black Panther and i'm so excited to see it again!
  • We got dinner at Wetherspoons and the saw the movie, which was just as good the second time around! I am obsessed! After that, I rushed home in the dark because I get a bit anxious walking home at night and it was very late! I pretty much went straight to bed!

  • Not much to do today! Just a couple of workshops and some laundry! 
  • I posted my Free Learning post and it is already getting a lot more views than my usual content! I am so excited that people are finding it helpful!
  • My first workshop was on reflective writing and it was super helpful for one of my upcoming assignments. Plus, they had free drinks and biscuits which was great. 
  • I went over to the psychology building for lunch and to do some work and then back to the learning commons for another workshop, which was a silent working drop-in for productivity. I got loads done and drank lots of hot chocolate!
  • Once out of the workshop, I rushed home and got my laundry done. I also tidied my room and had a spring clean and now i'm just going to watch a movie in bed!

  • Having a super great lazy morning! I'm going to get up late, do a hair mask, do a face mask, have a shower and then get ready for work! Having a mostly offline and off-screen day so I may not update until later!
  • This morning was wonderful! It was so good to just be lazy! On my way to work now but i'm feeling very relaxed and prepared for the evening at work!
  • After work, a friend and I went to Nandos for dinner! It was so good! I then rushed home and got straight into bed!

  • Such an exciting day! I have work and then i'm seeing my family! They're dropping off my mail and taking me grocery shopping! The best kind of shopping! Then, Will's home after a week away!
  • Before work, I had some coffee and breakfast in Starbucks and did an hour of work. It was so lovely and peaceful! I love being in town early on a Sunday morning because it's just so quiet!
  • Work was super quiet and went slowly but it was alright! I was on shift with good friends and one was very hungover so we teased him quite a bit!
  • Seeing my family was so lovely! We met in town and did a bit of shopping, which was great because they took me to ASDA in their car so I could pick up more food than usual because I usually have to carry it all the way home!
  • Once home, I put all my food away and tidied my room before Will came over. We drank prosecco, ate cake and watched a few episodes of Ashes To Ashes before having an early night. It was wonderful!
I hope you all had a lovely week and I will be back again next week with another Pull Yourself Together post!! (But also on Wednesday and Friday with my usual posts)! x


  1. I think this might be my favorite kind of posts from you to read! I hope you're having a great week!
    x Angela / SincerelyAngiejj.com

  2. That sounds like a lovely week! Saturday, especially, sounded amazing! :) x

    Sneha | lifewithsneha.com


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