Wednesday, 4 April 2018

When The Digital World Takes Hold

Supposedly, everyone has hobbies and things they love to do! I love to read. It has always been a passion of mine and I used to find myself lost in other worlds and other times. However, recently I have neglected this hobby, always telling myself that I don't have the time or that I have 1000 other things I need to get done before I can chill with a book. I have now come to realise that this is utter bullsh*t. I don't have the time because I don't make the time. I don't have the time because I spend hours scrolling aimlessly through social media feeds and watching YouTube videos that I'm not particularly interested in or learning anything from.

I don't mean to be the one who is blaming social media and the internet for all the ills in the world. I do learn a lot from social media and online media, and I do love to use them to connect with others and learn something new. I watch a lot of different YouTube channels and read a lot of blogs and feeds that do bring me joy and teach me a lot of new things about the world around me. However, this is a case of getting stuck down the rabbit hole and forgetting how to stop.

This isn't about spending a bit too much time on the internet, this is about spending entire days or weeks stuck on my laptop, taking breaks only to walk to and from uni. I don't even cook that much and tell myself that it's because I don't have the time. In reality, I have plenty of time.  Psychom have written an article on Internet Addiction Disorder and, although I know that I have not reached this level at all, I find it incredibly interesting (maybe even interesting enough for my dissertation, who knows?) and I definitely see how this could develop! We gain a lot of instant gratification from internet use, so much so that it becomes a massive part of a lot of our daily routines!

I have come up with my own little strategy for kicking myself off my laptop and into some 'better' activities or hobbies, and I think it could work for you too! You need to ask yourself whether the way that you are spending your time is worthwhile and fulfilling? Are your actions bringing you enjoyment and satisfaction or are you just in a routine that's difficult to break? I ask myself this every time I feel myself just occupying my brain by scrolling or passively watch something. It generally helps me to facilitate a task change to better use my time. Last night, I switched off my laptop early and read the entirety of Rosemary's Baby, a book I had intended to read for months. If I hadn't have done this I probably would have rewatched several YouTube videos before falling asleep on my laptop, a regular routine of mine. I found jumping into a book so much more rewarding and fulfilling and I hope to make it a regular thing.

Do you have the same issue of getting lost down the rabbit hole of the internet and how do you combat this? I would love to know your thoughts! x

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  1. I do the same thing, I've tried to start time chunking my digital time so that it's all being spent on useful tasks rather than just wasting hours scrolling


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