Monday, 14 May 2018

Pull Yourself Together // Week 14 (Look What's Back!)

It's back! My weekly diary posts are starting up again after some time off! I feel like since I stopped writing these I've felt less aware of what I've accomplished each week and less motivated to do anything! Time for some changes around here! Ready to join me?


  • It's a bank holiday, which means having to pick up an extra shift at my retail job. I was given the afternoon shift, which meant having some time before work to do some assignment writing! 
  • I did a lot of my uni work from bed before hopping in the shower and getting ready for work. 
  • It's such a hot day today so I managed to find a skirt which was appropriate for work and I picked up an iced coffee on my way in. Gotta get that caffeine! 
  • Nothing much to report from work, it was too warm and pretty busy. When it came to closing time, I was super tired and sat out in Picadilly Gardens for a while before heading home on the bus. 
  • Not the most interesting day to kickstart my PYT posts again but that's just the way these things go!


  • I got up at a fairly reasonable time today and went to uni to get some assignment writing done. This is after I took some product blog pics in my pyjamas for the post since the lighting was coming through my window beautifully and I use my bed for the backdrop of a lot of my pics since I don't have a lot of space in my student room. 
  • Before I started my assignment in uni, I finalised a blog post and spent some time promoting it and scheduling some tweets before getting on with the work! 
  • I left uni a bit earlier than planned and had to skip an event I was really excited for because I started to feel unwell and just wanted to get home and have a lie-down. 
  • I spent the evening preparing for the internship interview which I have tomorrow. I am so hopeful for this interview since it's the summer internship which I have felt most drawn to out of all the internships I have looked at. Since I want to go into marketing after my degree, it is the perfect opportunity and I want it so badly. It's also paid which means that if I get it then I can definitely afford all my rent over the summer and also get some savings together! Fingers crossed!


  • I got up, showered and got dressed up for my internship interview. It was so nerve-racking and I had trouble finding the building where the interview was held. Typical me! When I got to the interview, I realised that I had met one of the two interviewers before and she immediately recognised. I felt like I really clicked with both the interviewers and we got along well. They were both so friendly and it really put me at ease! I felt like we were on the same page about everything we discussed and I even showed them some of my previous relevant work. I may have blundered a few times in the interview but I think it went better than I had expected! 
  • I immediately met with some friends in uni, ate a wonderful toastie and got some more of my work done! We all decided to hop on the bus and head into town for a bit of chill time. 
  • I picked up some lovely goodies from Primark, Monki, Home Sense and Lush before we headed home. 
  • I lit a lavender and sage candle which I had bought from Home Sense and it really filled my room with a calming aroma. I managed to get a lot of my work done this evening. Enough to lead me to believe that I will finish my two last assignments of the year by tomorrow evening! 
  • I read a bit of How To Stop Time by Matt Haig in bed and now I'm ready to turn the lights out and get a good night's sleep!


  • Another day of going to uni early to get work done! 
  • While I was writing my assignment, I received a phone call to tell me that I have got the internship which I interviewed for yesterday!! I'm so excited! It means that I can afford my rent this summer and that I can get some great experience in marketing! 
  • I managed to get loads of work done in uni and also attended a seminar where my group work project was displayed! All in all, a productive time in uni! 
  • I then headed home with a friend to catch up on Riverdale, which was so good! We were yelling at the screen! 
  • I finished both of my last assignments of the year and got into bed at a decent time!


  • I submitted my final two assignments after a quick proofread!! 
  • It's payday which means a trip to Wetherspoons with the workmates. We got there fairly early for food and had a couple of drinks into the evening. I have not laughed this much in so long! We had such a good time!
  • While I was in town to meet my friends, I managed to pick up a few essentials from Lush to restock my shelf.
  • That's about it really, I was super tired after this week so I headed home early and I am so ready to sleep!  


  • Not the most exciting day! 
  • I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms before getting ready and going to work for the afternoon/evening shift. 
  • I got home at a reasonable time and I just finished watching a documentary so it's time for bed!


  • Today was a bit more interesting than yesterday! I worked the early shift so I had the afternoon free after work! 
  • A couple of friends and I went to Pizza Hut after work and then to the shops! I stocked up on Pixi Glow Tonic and bought a lovely new bra! 
  • Once I got home, I spent the evening catching up on YouTube videos and reading. It's been lovely!

What a busy week! How was your week? x

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