Friday, 27 July 2018

Style Cravings

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When it comes to personal style, I am so indecisive. Some days I want to change up my style completely and entirely refresh my wardrobe. I haven't really had a fixed style since my High School emo days. Some days i'm dressed up so smart and office ready, and others I will not let anything but sweatpants grace my legs. The thing is, I often think about comfort or accessibility more than actual style. If it's clean, i'll wear it. However, this can lead me to feel a bit down on myself. I rarely like the way I look in my clothes or the way I dress. Not to the same level as I used to. I want to make more of an effort and I want to look like I have made that effort. Here are a few of the styles I have been gravitating to lately and a bit of a wishlist for each.

Simple and Minimalist

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There's something that feels so chic about wearing a very simple and smart outfit. Maybe a pantsuit or something you would see on Dana Scully in the X Files. Sometimes I love the idea of looking  smart and put-together all the time. Plus, this style really lends itself well to a capsule wardrobe, which is something that I have been contemplating for a long while! It can also be fun to work pops of colour into this style. For example, you could dress smart in an all-black outfit and wear some red earrings, a red belt or red shoes. Can you tell I like the colour combination of black and red?


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While my style does seem to switch up a lot, I always fall back on relaxed grunge. I love being comfortable and I love repping my favourite bands so the big oversized band tee tucked into some nice pants or a black skirt is a constant look for me. Maybe this isn't a specific style I want to aim for, just one that I want to find more time for and buy more clothes for. My trusty Doc Martens will stay with me for ages to come to be matched with all these clothes I am lusting after, but I have also been eyeing up multiple pairs of black boots on Killstar.


Basically, I just lust over Florence Welch's style constantly. Not even just her clothes, just her whole general style of living. She did a video with Nowness in which she guided the camera around her home and I was struck by how wonderful it is! I just think there's a lot of lightness within her style. She showed her wardrobe and there were so many pieces just in that glance that I just immediately fell in love with. Florals are a favourite of mine. I have a floral tattoo and plans to get more. I just don't own enough floral clothes but I would love to when I actually have the money for clothes.

Autumn Cosiness

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Am I just writing this section because i'm fed up of this heatwave and i'm craving autumn weather? Yep! I love wearing layers and I love the colours associated with autumn fashion. I have a favourite orange jumper and i'm just waiting for it to get cold enough to wear it. I'm missing the long coats and the scarves and the option to wear a hat when your hair is terrible. Not to mention, autumn is my favourite time of the year and the falling leaves make everywhere look so beautiful. I want a chill in the air which makes me pull my coat a bit tighter to my chest. I want the amazing feeling of sipping a hot drink on a freezing cold day and getting cosy in my jumper on the couch with a loved one.

What are your style cravings at the moment? x

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