Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Thoughts On Being An Autumn Person // Blogtober

Autumn is well and truly underway and I am thriving! Not only have I been loving the chilly weather and reason to wrap up warm, but I have also been loving the changing leaves and early evenings! Autumn is truly the best season of the year! Since I'm loving writing these conversational posts lately, I figured I would chat about all the best things about autumn!

Atmosphere and colours

The LEAVES! As soon as the first leaf turns orange I feel so excited and anticipatory about the coming change of seasons! I grew up living near a patch of woods and those autumn walks were everything to me! I love the colours all around during autumn, and the fallen leaves making even the dingiest paths look lovely! The weather may be cold but the colours are warm and inviting! I feel like there is a buzz in the air in Autumn. It's no longer summer and everyone has gone back to their daily grind, not quite tired of it yet! This is especially evident on the campus of my university! Everybody is making the most of being back and settling into another academic year!


Autumn is peak fashion time for me! I am at my most stylish and confident at this time of year! The jackets and scarves are layered without being overbearing, and I can hide my bad hair days with a beret or beanie. Life is good. I've been wearing all those autumnal warm colours and loving all the purchases I have made lately, especially from New Look! Photoshoots are also incredibly lovely in autumn since the backdrop of the leaves is always exceedingly beautiful!

Dress: New Look, top: New Look, tights and socks: Primark, coat: Primark, boots: Dr Martens


The weather is finally chilly enough for me to not feel like I'm going to sweat off all my foundation by midday and I love it! I have never been a lover of wearing foundation. I feel like most foundations make my face even greasier than it always is, and I can just never find a shade that perfectly fits my pale face! However, this month I have started using the new Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation and it has really been a game changer for me! I wear makeup almost every day, I feel super confident and I actually enjoy getting ready in the mornings!

Let's talk about incorporating those autumnal colours into your makeup looks! Any other time of the year, I use my Naked 3 palette nonstop, but in autumn I gravitate back to more rusty coloured eyeshadows! They are so flattering and make me feel so confident when I step out of the flat! Plus, every time I wear a brown-ish lipstick I feel like Dana Scully from the X-Files. 


I hate warm weather with a burning passion (pardon the pun). I despise being all hot and sweaty, it just makes me feel disgusting! What I do like is cold weather where I can wrap up warm and keep cosy! Rainy days are the greatest, too! Whether I'm out and about under an umbrella or indoors looking out at the rain, I love it! It relaxes me so much!


Making the switch from iced coffee to hot coffee is magical! There's nothing quite like being out in the cold and sipping on a hot drink. The way it warms you inside is just the best feeling! I have been sipping those cappuccinos, and the occasional PSL, like my life depends on it. I should really cut down on my caffeine consumption considering how dependent I am on it, but it's just so good! 

What are your fave things about autumn?x

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  1. I was nodding along enthusiasticmy to your post, until we got to coffee lol, I'm more of a hot chocolate gal. This time of year is always my favourite and like you I always feel more confident and stylish in "fall fashion".


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